Iya villania and drew arellano relationship trust

Trust keeps sweethearts from rival stations together | Inquirer Entertainment

iya villania and drew arellano relationship trust

Iya Villania-Arellano Actress / TV host. Wife to Drew, mom to Antonio Primo Iya: Yes, Drew and I planned for me to give birth in , but I .. I loved him from the start, but it was like a one-way relationship kasi Trust me!. Iya Villania says Drew Arellano does not try to control her with Inquirer Entertainment, Iya gamely shared her secret to a lasting relationship. Iya Villania says boyfriend Drew Arellano is not comfortable with her sexier image She was quick to add that Drew trusts her that is why he lets her for seven years, Iya said that her relationship with Drew grows stronger.

What was the most challenging thing you experienced during your pregnancy? Since I was still working on TV, the weight gain. Kapag hindi ako nag-gain ng weight sasabihin nila masyado akong conscious; kapag nag-gain naman ako ng weight sasabihin naman mataba ako.

Trying to find the right sleep position [was also a challenge]. Take us back to the hours leading to when you gave birth. Around lunch time, the contractions were consistent but not that too close to each other, so my doctor said to go to the hospital to get checked. So I went after lunch and I was 3 cm pa lang, so I just went home first, nag-merienda na ko sa bahay, nag-dinner na ko sa bahay. So, we both tried to just sleep it off. Around 3 am the following day, medyo dikit na ang contractions.

We went to the hospital at around 4 am, and when I was checked nasa 6cm na ako. Before it was too late, I decided to get the epidural, which, I discovered later, was only half-epi "para mas maging efficient sa pag-iri," according to the doc. Kaya pala ramdam na ramdam ko pa rin!

iya villania and drew arellano relationship trust

Of course this is my first time to give birth so wala rin akong basehan. So I tried pushing.

iya villania and drew arellano relationship trust

So biglang on yung ilaw, tapos tinaas yung legs ko. Sobrang laughtrip, I still remember it so clearly. How many pushes did it take? Probably 3 contractions, two pushes each. So when the third contraction came, oh wow! When I pushed, beastmode!

I just wanted that baby out. Actually, ayoko rin sana magka- episiotomy eh. Gusto ko sana natural, ayokong mahiwa. Where did Primo's name come from?

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So na-convince na rin ako. How did you feel the first time you saw your baby? Yung paiyak pero hindi ako nakaiyak. He latched on me, and he was able to get milk. I'm still breastfeeding Primo exclusively. It's the doorway to physical intimacy.

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So we said na if we can wait to kiss, then let's wait. And now we're helping each other to achieve that. My beliefs are, no abortion. So I think that if you marry someone, that should be the person you should be with forever, through sickness and health, through good and bad, you should be with that person.

Pogi, and I, Miriam Quiambap, aka Ms. U, vow before God to protect each other's purity from this day onwards until the day, by God's grace that we are wed.

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Therefore, we shall not engage in any act that shall ignite sexual desires or passions prematurely, such as passionate kissing lips-to-lipspheromone sniffing or foreplay. The only expressions of affection allowed are: So help us God! Miriam's Instagram They tied the knot on March 25, Janine Tugonon Miss Universe first runner-up On saving sex for marriage: Ngayon kasi, parang nagiging norm na lang, eh, sa tao na, 'Come on, let's do it.

Real Love is so beautiful and it is absolutely worth the wait! Then recently, we decided to just focus on the album. Puppy love lang naman yun, e. Pero alam mo naman, akala mo, pag-ibig na pero hindi naman pala.

Since then, Iya and the guy whom she cried about in the past have reconciled.

Iya Villania: 'I Said Goodbye to 8 Hours of Sleep When I Had Primo'

How many hearts has she broken in the past? Ako yung parating broken-hearted, e. Click here to read related article. Parang formality lang [yung wedding]. But they just look so good together. Tapos natuwa pa ko kasi sa kanilang dalawa, nung habang nags-speech speech yung mga parents, si Doug [Kramer] pa ang umiyak nung nag-speech ang mommy niya.