Honey bees and flowers relationship with god

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honey bees and flowers relationship with god

When he came across the electric world of bees and flowers, the first question that sprang to .. Pharaoh: the arrogant king punished by God. God made many kinds of fruit trees and plants that need to be pollinated in In truth, the sweet symbiotic relationship between honeybees and. In exchange, the bee collects the flower's pollen on its tiny hairs How could the symbiotic relationships evolve between pollinators like bees.

The sources of this infection include: In either case, spore contaminated nectar or honey is brought back to the hive by foraging bees.

honey bees and flowers relationship with god

Treatment usually involves feeding the colony with a carbohydrate source containing an antibiotic e. In severe cases, the entire hive population including all infected materials boxes, frames, etc. The presence of these mites in the hive results in a severe weakening of the colony directly, and they also serve as transmitters of several viruses that can result in bee death. If not promptly and effectively treated, complete destruction of the colony occurs.

In this method, when the foraging bee returns to the hive she passes through holes i. Because of this delicate relationship, alternate treatments for the control of bacterial diseases and parasitic infections are under investigation, which include: Beauveria bassiana ; and breeding bees that will be more resistant to the mite12, It has been reported that fruit, vegetable or seed production from 87 of the leading global food crops are dependent upon animal pollination In Canada, examples of the importance of pollination by honeybees include but are not limited to the horticulture e.

Currently, the symbiotic relationship between humans and honeybees is being stretched to its breaking point. It should be pointed out that CCD is not believed to be an issue in Canada today16, Although these significant losses have decreased over the past few years, CCD continues to be a significant problem in many parts of the world. A number of possible causes for CCD have been postulated, which include: However, each of these issues has been investigated scientifically with no clear correlation of cause-and-effect being conclusively proven The most widely accepted hypothesis for CCD is the combined effect of a selection of the aforementioned factors, referred to as primary causal agents, which negatively impact the immune system of the honeybee making them less resistant to infections.

The main cause for this dramatic increase in colony mortality was related to the observed high levels of Varroa destructor, inadequate treatment regimes and acaricide resistance How our relationship with honeybees can be improved is, I believe, an issue that we can both control and implement.

Reducing the negative impact that we have on the environment, taking more care in the use and timing of, and being more aware of i. References [1] Crittenden, A. The importance of honey consumption in human evolution.

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Honey is dermatology and skin care: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology Uses and Products of Honey, In: Honey a Comprehensive Survey. Breeding for resistance to Varroa destructor in Europe. Entompathogenic fungi as potential biocontrol agents of the ecto-parasitic mite, Varroa destructor, and their effect on the immune response of honey bees Apis mellifera L.

Journal of Invertebrate Pathology Proceeding of the Royal Society Biological Sciences Colony collapse disorder in context. Honey bee colony losses in Canada. Journal of Apicultural Research Colony collapse disorder in Canada: Customers will come, more business will come. A lot of people are going around hustling, looking for money and customers. Imagine if the flower forgets about beautiful beautiful, colorful and producing nectar and is going about hustling for bees.

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Imagine if a flower decides it also wants to be a tree or an animal? I love this quote God gave man work in the garden of Eden by it turned into hustle when man sinned. It is His priority to send the bees.

Honey Bees

I have outlined 7 tips you can adopt to enable you to be excellent but let me first of all talk about a woman and her purpose. The Bible says a man finds a wife and a woman chooses. Focus on your purpose A woman should be focused on her purpose and it is in her place of purpose that the man that is meant for her will come and find her. This is what happened in one of the greatest love stories in History.

Ruth and Orpah lost their husbands who were brothers. Their mother-in-law Naomi told them to return to their families and home land so they could remarry. Orpah left but Ruth decided to stay and take are of the woman who was now her mother.

honey bees and flowers relationship with god

She followed Naomi back to her homeland and went to the fields to work so that she could earn a living for her and Naomi. It was while she was working that the owner of the field Boaz, a man of integrity found her.

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They got married after that. Ruth had faith that she would be fine as long as she was doing what she was supposed to be doing and God sent her a great man. Like a flower a woman should focus on purpose. In her single years, she should discover her purpose and adopt the spirit of excellence.

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As she blossoms, like in the case of the flower where the bees are attracted to the flower with discount Colour, pattern, shape and level of nectar, her husband would find her.

Desire the spirit of excellence 2. Believe you can achieve it 2. Benchmark against the best 3. Read up and gain knowledge on being excellent 4.

honey bees and flowers relationship with god

Set goals on how you would achieve this 5. Develop a plan 6. I hope you are encouraged to imbibe the spirit of excellence in your business, in your relationships, in your work, in your finances, and most especially your relationship with God. As you do so, all that you desire will come your way. So what area of your life do you desire to be Excellent in? I wish all potnisgs were this good. With love from Omilola Oshikoya.