Homestuck relationship symbols and meanings

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homestuck relationship symbols and meanings

Read Relationships from the story How Troll Things Work (Homestuck) by subdivided into the concupiscent (meaning "sexy") quadrants, which concern the .. or a spade symbol on it, to be collected by an imperial drone and brought to the. Loading Top definition A term coined in the MSPA webcomic Homestuck, used to refer to a strong platonic relationship. One of Also referred to as palemance, pale mates, pale romance, the pale quadrant, and palerom. The four quadrants are the four different types of romance recognized by trolls, first explained through exposition here. Therefore, having a stable matesprit and kismesis is a matter of life and death for trolls. Matespritship is also described as the flushed quadrant and is.

But be sure to get a grasp on what these all are about before you let yourself loose. This guide will go over basic information, the difference between red and black romance, the difference between concupiscent and conciliatory quadrants, some tips and warnings, and lastly, links. Basic Information The quadrants are also hard to understand for young trolls themselves, and are especially confusing to new readers and in-story humans. We only have one form of romance, which we define as love.

Trolls have three others, that are new to us. Carapacians seem two have two forms, which are matespritship and kismesissitude. Cherubs know of the caliginous quadrant.

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Trolls do not regard gender in their relationships, whether they are concupiscent or conciliatory. It was not confirmed if trolls even have biological differences between two genders, though the females seem to develop their breasts, and the trolls seem to have a gender identity. Red and Black Romance Red romance is based around more positive emotions. Edit Often in quadrant vacillations one party will have red feelings while the other one has black feelings. Usually one party will adjust their feelings to match their partner's emotions, but this is not always the case.

This sort of relationship volatility is one of the reasons why auspisticism is an important part of troll culture.

homestuck relationship symbols and meanings

Vacillation from black to red is often drawn from the feelings of respect and admiration that are the other half of spades-type emotions the first half being just hatred. Group Vacillation Edit A simple Quadrangle undergoing vacillation. Due to the multiple relationship types and the demands of troll society, trolls form groups and chains of Matesprits and Kismesises.

A quadrangle is the simplest complete form of such a group of relationships. It consists of four trolls with two Matespritships and two Kismesissitude between them. If one pairing in a relationship group swaps its relationship type, it can force all other relationships within the group to swap as well. The relationships each quadrant describes tend to be malleable, if not volatile, especially on the concupiscent half where more torrid emotions reside.

It doesn't take much to flip a switch and transmute blackrom feelings to redrom, and vice versa. In many cases, one party will have red feelings while the other has black. But it will often be the case that one party's feelings will swap to match the other's, since there is no quadrant which naturally accommodates such a disparity.

But thereafter, it's not uncommon for the two to toggle between red and black in unison now and then. These scenarios naturally result in both red and black infidelities. This sort of relationship volatility is why conciliatory relationships are an important part of troll romance. An auspistice can stabilize particularly turbulent relationships.

There are many outside factors and influences tugging and pulling these relationships in different directions, and unlike humans who have very orderly, simple, straightforward romantic relationships without exception, trolls exist in a state of almost perpetual confusion and generally have no idea what the hell is going on.

Being confused by troll relationships is one thing we do have in common though. A reasonable human translation would be the concept of a soul mate, but in a more platonic sense, and with a more specific social purpose.

A Guide to Troll Romantic Quadrants - Help for Homestuck

Trolls are a very angry and violent race. Some are more hot-tempered and dangerous than others, to the extent that if left to their own devices, they would present a serious threat to society, or even to themselves.

The moirail is obliged to pacify the other, to function as the better half. The two partners in a strong pale relationship will serve to balance and complement each other's emotional profiles, and thus allow their other relationships to be more successful.

It's often ambiguous especially among young trolls whether a bond formed between an acquaintance is true moirallegence, or the usual variety of platonic involvement. Furthermore, romantic intentions of a more flushed nature can often be mistaken for paler leanings, much to the frustration of the suitor.

But some pale pairings, as the one above, will be strikingly obvious to all who know them.

homestuck relationship symbols and meanings

God you just can't get enough of this can you! That would have been a great point for a transition out of this illustrated sociological study, but ok, if you insist. Now see, what's going on here is When the full matrix of troll romance is in action, we have Hey, why don't you figure it out!

You should be an expert on all this by now anyway. Later our troll hero would try to explain this to our human hero, attempting to convey all the nuance of troll romance through a nearly verbatim recitation of the preceding excerpts.