Heinrich himmler and hitler relationship with niece

When family ties lead straight to Hitler | The Times of Israel

heinrich himmler and hitler relationship with niece

The daughter who STILL hero worships Heinrich Himmler: How SS chief's adoring child remains a committed Nazi who supports war criminals. SS chief's great-niece says many Germans still loth to confront family history. she was related to Heinrich Himmler, the feared head of Hitler's SS and a key murder already but he does not know the connection to my family. Additional participants include SS master Heinrich Himmler's great-niece, who married an Israeli Jew, and the daughter of Amon Goeth, the.

With father Heinrich at a Berlin stadium a year before the war in Image: Not surprisingly, it has never been published. Worse, while cherishing the memory of Himmler, she still works to this day, despite her advanced age, helping the survivors of Nazism try to evade justice. As the leading figure in the shadowy and sinister support group Stille Hilfe — Silent Help — she brings succour and financial help to the monsters still at large.

Two years before he died in his bed, she came to the defence of Klaas Carel Faber, 90 — a Dutchman who served with the SS in Holland where he murdered Jews — to prevent his being extradited to his homeland from Germany, where he lived in peace and quiet.

It also helped Anton Malloth, a brutal guard in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, who was sentenced to death in his absence before finding refuge in Germany. The Himmlers at the time Heinrich was masterminding death Image: Sunday Mirror Although legal, the organisation she runs operates in a moral grey zone.

Their home is just 15 miles from the first concentration camp at Dachau where 36, people were murdered during the 12 years of the Third Reich. One picture has her laughing and joking as he looks on adoringly. When it was taken, men and women were dying just yards away. Himmler was like that — he regularly took his child on the plane with him on his murderous travels around Germany and its conquered lands.

She believes the British murdered him and pledged her life to helping his comrades whenever she could.

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German journalists who write about Stille Hilfe remark on the power she now wields in the organisation. Often quoted is a rally of neo-Nazis she attended in Ulrichsberg, Austria, several years ago, where she was idolised by SS veterans. Uniforms were issued for prisoners and guards alike; the guards' uniforms had a special Totenkopf insignia on their collars.

A Hitler decree issued in December allowed for the incarceration of anyone deemed by the regime to be an undesirable member of society. Thus, the camps became a mechanism for social and racial engineering. By the outbreak of World War II in autumnthere were six camps housing some 27, inmates. Death tolls were high. He felt that the SA—now numbering some three million men, far dwarfing the army—should become the sole arms-bearing corps of the state, and that the army should be absorbed into the SA under his leadership.

This was a radical departure from long-standing German practice that law enforcement was a state and local matter. Between 85 and members of the SA leadership and other political adversaries, including Gregor Strasser, were killed between 30 June and 2 July in these actions, known as the Night of the Long Knives.

When family ties lead straight to Hitler

The laws banned marriage between non-Jewish and Jewish Germans and forbade the employment of non-Jewish women under the age of 45 in Jewish households. The laws also deprived so-called "non-Aryans" of the benefits of German citizenship.

Himmler and Heydrich wanted to extend the power of the SS; thus, they urged Hitler to form a national police force overseen by the SS, to guard Nazi Germany against its many enemies at the time—real and imagined.

Heydrich drew up a set of proposals and Himmler sent him to meet with Frick. An angry Frick then consulted with Hitler, who told him to agree to the proposals. Frick acquiesced, and on 17 June Hitler decreed the unification of all police forces in the Reich, and named Himmler Chief of German Police.

In practice, however, the police was now effectively a division of the SS, and hence independent of Frick's control.

heinrich himmler and hitler relationship with niece

This move gave Himmler operational control over Germany's entire detective force. He again placed Heydrich in command.

Nominally under the authority of Himmler, the Waffen-SS developed a fully militarised structure of command and operations.

heinrich himmler and hitler relationship with niece

It grew from three regiments to over 38 divisions during World War II, serving alongside the Heer armybut never being formally part of it.

Under the auspices of the SS Economy and Administration Head Office, this holding company owned housing corporations, factories, and publishing houses.

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In contrast, Himmler was honest in matters of money and business. From tohundreds of thousands of Jews emigrated to the United States, Palestine, Great Britain, and other countries.

heinrich himmler and hitler relationship with niece

Some converted to Christianity. Kirchenkampf and Nazi persecution of the Catholic Church Himmler believed that a major task of the SS should be "acting as the vanguard in overcoming Christianity and restoring a 'Germanic' way of living" as part of preparations for the coming conflict between "humans and subhumans". We live in an era of the ultimate conflict with Christianity.

heinrich himmler and hitler relationship with niece

It is part of the mission of the SS to give the German people in the next half century the non-Christian ideological foundations on which to lead and shape their lives. This task does not consist solely in overcoming an ideological opponent but must be accompanied at every step by a positive impetus: German soldiers dressed in Polish uniforms undertook border skirmishes which deceptively suggested Polish aggression against Germany. His actions had cast a large shadow on the rest of the family.

Ernst dismissed his usefulness when he wrote to Heinrich with the knowledge that he would be reclassified and sent to a camp for extermination. She saw this as a turning point because she realised that her grandfather and great-uncle Gebhard were tied to the radical murderous policies of Himmler. Himmler was born in Dinslaken and married an Israeli. She chose to keep her own surname rather than deny her heritage. She said that she wrote and researched the book to allow her son to have a complete understanding of the family history.

She said that when she and her husband had their son it became clear that she had to break the family tradition of not talking about the past.