Hashirama and madara relationship counseling

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hashirama and madara relationship counseling

Madara: “My dream was squashed, but your dream still lives on.” Hashirama: “We were both too hasty. It's about their sexual relationship. Tobirama, Hashirama, and I were all kneeling in front of father and mother. + Hashirama and I were at the river bank and Madara was on the other side.. +. For such a beloved, intricate piece of animated storytelling, Naruto sure Hashirama of the Senju Clan and Madara of the Uchiha Clan were the .. Next 20 Weird Things About Aquaman and Mera's Relationship That Make No Sense . Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

All they did was provide a plethora of fights for the different villages. Obito even admitted himself that he could have captured the Tailed Beasts on his own. Under Madara's tutelage, he could teleport, manipulate space and time, and basically, he had the Sharingan ocular powers that could extract the Beasts. So again, why did they need the Akatsuki, which was basically a team of disgraced and mercenary ninjas for hire?

Kishimoto touted them as villains who would play a major role but they either died or underwent redemption. Obito didn't use them in his end-game so it shows how flawed Kishimoto wrote them in.

He would partner Kakashi in their youth as both had tragic and loveless upbringings. What made Yamato special was that as his clone, he was blessed with Hashirama's ability to manipulate wood, which could control the Nine Tails in Naruto. Kishimoto showed that Yamato was just an add-on because apart from arriving late in the series, no mention was made of Yamato early on when Naruto underwent his training. With Kakashi's Sharingan also able to help quell the Beast and Yamato's skill, Naruto could have controlled his power early on.

Kishimoto clearly realized this later and tried to write Yamato in as a by-the-way teacher. If he existed all this time, why not use Yamato from the onset? These purple eyes could even bring back the dead. However, as he was dying, he had the eyes implanted into Nagato so that he would reclaim them when he came back from the dead with Obito's help.

hashirama and madara relationship counseling

This was a major risk and another big plot hole from Kishimoto. What was to stop Nagato from being killed, losing the eyes or defeating Obito? Sure, Obito had him join the Akatsuki later on but that took a lot of planning and killing to turn Nagato bitter.

Hiruzen instead chose Minato Namikaze to be the next Hokage, a decision that led Orochimaru to leave Konoha.

hashirama and madara relationship counseling

One of the most prominent female ninja was Kushina, wife of the Fourth Hokage, Minato. Kushina wanted to be the next Hokage herself when she was younger. Tsunade more than earned her position, though, as she's a strong, protective, powerful ninja in her own right.

Otherwise, Kages and their respective hidden villages keep to themselves. It's also uncommon for the Kages to meet because the differing ninja hubs come to odds with one another fairly often. Unless it's for the good of all villages, most Kages focus on protecting their own more than anything else. There is also an understanding that Kages are constantly busy running, organizing, and leading their villages.

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He wanted the people of Konoha to learn to trust the outside clan. Madara Uchiha was meant to be Hokage when the role was created. However, the village voted Hashirama as their Hokage. Hashirama wanted Madara as his advisor, Madara didn't want this position, as he was convinced that there was no place for the Uchiha Clan in Konoha.

hashirama and madara relationship counseling

During his fight with an enemy called Pain, however, his father appears to him. This is when Naruto learns that his father was the Fourth Hokage-- the Hokage that he spent his childhood admiring. More than ever, it solidified Naruto's resolve about becoming Hokage. The necklace initially belonged to the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju. While every Hokage wore it, only Hashirama and his granddaughter, Tsunade, were known to wear it consistently. Tsunade had terrible luck with the necklace, though.

The necklace unfortunately seemed to doom some around her. This most painfully included the love of her life, Dan Kato.

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T sunade gave the necklace as a good luck gift to Dan, but the war struck him down shortly after. Despite her efforts, Tsunade could not save him, and struggled emotionally for years because of it. Every time, he refused. Jiraiya was told that his destiny was to teach the Child of Prophecy, who would one day save the world. Hokage or not, he valiantly protected the village. As leader, he runs the day-to-day operations of the village.


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