Goku and chichi relationship problems

Dragon Ball: Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Chi-Chi

goku and chichi relationship problems

This problem only got worse in the Cell Saga, when Chi-Chi got mad at Goku .. But take away her relationship with Goku and just look at her as an individual. ChiChi is having problems with Goku. Just when thier plan is finally working someone from Goku's past comes and tries to run thier marriage. Chi-Chi and Goku don't have a perfect relationship but there is no denying how good they are together. Here are 20 secrets about their bond!.

She tries very hard to be a hard working wife and mother. But he still won't stay home. Se decides to call her best friend Bulma for love advice. She figures that Bulma would be the best person to ask anyone that could get Vegeta to marry her. Bulma decides to stay with Chi-Chi to help her get some alone time with her husband.

goku and chichi relationship problems

Just when thier plan is finally working someone from Goku's past comes and tries to run thier marriage. Can Bulma help Chi-Chi keep her family striaght and hers too. After I wrote Breathe my version of a get together of Bulma and Vegeta. So here goes I hope you like it. Tenchu Girl 16 Chapter One: Chi-Chi woke up early when the sun began to rise.

She sat up and streached.

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She looked to the opposite side of the bed to see if Goku was lying beside her. But no he wasn't there. He was never there latley. She gets out of the bed and walks to the dresser which had a large mirror connected to it and just stared at her reflextion through the mirror.

I am I not attractive to him anymore.


Has Goku been cheating on me with another woman. No that can't be it no woman can put up with his sloppy eating habits but me. Mabye he has been trainng hard. Yea that must be it. Today is a busy day I have to fix breakfast for myself, Gohan and Goku, then I have to drive Gohan to school, do the grocercy shopping. After she brushed her hair she gets up and walks to her closet which was right next to her bathroom. She opens up her closet and flicks on the light swich.

She quickly graps her pink housecoat and slips it on to cover up her short slicky pink nightgown. She then cloeses up the closet door and walks out the room.

She makes her way down the hallway and down the stars and into the kicthen. The Son's kicthen was very large complete with two chandlers, three stoves, two dishwashers, four refegraters, large cabints and a long 16 seater kichten table. She began cooking breakfast on each one of her three stoves and then spreaded out the food on the table. Just then the door bell rung Chi-Chi growled as she walked out of the kicthen and to the frount door where she sees Goku.

Goku walks in as Chi-Chi slammes the door behind him.

goku and chichi relationship problems

Umm I smell breakfast. Chi-Chi growls as she walked halfway upstairs. To be fair, both Goku and Chi-Chi are rather uneducated and neither grew up in a household with two guardians. Totally weird and definitely something that raises more questions than it answers, but not entirely out of the question. Pan has the potential for genuine greatness.

Not only is she capable of flying despite being an infant, she can also inflict damage with her little kicks and can control Ki to some extent.

goku and chichi relationship problems

Compare these feats to what we saw of Baby Trunks in the Cell saga. Pan is actually threat, even as a babbling baby, Trunks just did normal infant things. Should Dragon Ball continue after Super, which it more than likely will, bet your money on Pan taking the spotlight in a big way.

Instead, Gohan and Goten have always been more interested in living a grounded lifestyle away from the action Goku seeks out. Take Gohan for instance. The first thing we learn about him is that he wants to grow up to be a scholar. His entire arc in the Saiyan saga revolves around getting him to understand he needs to fight.

Not once does he actually want to fight. This is a theme that carries over through the entirety of Z and has its emotional peak during the Cell Games. Why risk your life when your dad can just save the day? Goku cares about his friends and family, but he and Pan connect on a deeper level. He treats her as an equal, has genuine fun with her, and puts his life on the line for her during GT. Pan is the one person Goku consistently shows a delicate amount of care for.

It makes sense if you think about it. The interesting thing is, this is actually a retcon. When the time came for a volume release of those chapters, Toriyama ended up rewriting them so that Gohan was now four. Nine months later, Chichi gives birth to her and Goku's second son named Goten.

Seven years pass when Goku decides to return for the day of the World Martial Arts Tournament and Chichi is happy she will see him again. Despite the sudden revelation of the boy, Goku accepts his son without hesitation and instantly bonds with him. Chichi spends most of the tournament arguing with Bulma over whose husband and child is better.

However, everything is thrown into chaos with the resurrection of Majin Buu, who seemingly kills Gohan.

goku and chichi relationship problems

Goku breaks the news to Chichi who faints from the shock. Goku then spends his final hour teaching the Fusion Technique to Goten and Trunks in order to have an advantage over Majin Buu, even though Chichi is against sending their youngest son into a dangerous battle. When Goku has to return to the Afterlife, he comforts Chichi as she cries.

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Though a series of events from finding Gohan is alive and Goku being resurrected by Old Kai to help fight Majin Buu, Goku returns to Earth to find out Chichi and all his friends have been killed by Majin Buu while his sons have been absorbed. Goku tells Chichi is alive again and will stay for good this time, and Chichi is overjoyed that her husband is back for good.

Goku is seemingly nervous by her crying but tells her he loves her. Days later, they attend a gathering at Capsule Corp. When he finally shows up, she is less angry and forgives him by giving him a feast.

Dragon Ball Super Edit Four years later, Chichi forces Goku to get a job as a radish farmer after her father loses his fortune in a fire and can no longer financially support the family.

Satan gives them his prize money award as thanks for saving the world, Chichi allows Goku to train with King Kai. A month later, Goku returns to stop Beerus from destroying the planet and Chichi is worried whenever Goku is left defeated but is overjoyed when Gohan announced his wife, Videl, is pregnant.

After Beerus leaves, Goku is determined to resume training but Chichi lies about using up all the money in order to force Goku to work hard and be a good grandfather. Six months later, Goku finds Vegeta is already training in Beerus' Planet and has to try to sneak away from Chichi to go but she finds out and tries to stop him.

He leaves anyway but Chichi blows it off by deciding to throw a celebration party for the birth of their granddaughter, Pan. Four months later, Frieza is resurrected and blows up the planet, killing Chichi, Goten, and Pan.

Goku takes advantage of Whis' Temporal Do-Over to stop Frieza and save the Earth because he feels responsible for the event. In a conversation with Vegeta, Goku admits he is with Chichi because he enjoys her feistiness, and Vegeta explains Saiyans like women who are strong-willed. She cheers for Goku when he wins the first round but when he is defeated by Frost, Chichi literally runs across the arena to check on her husband, who is embarrassed of her clinging to him in front of everyone.

When Goku is reinstated due to Frost cheating and he faces Hit, Chichi is worried but then surprised when he forfeits. At the Universe 7 wins and everyone attend a victory party. Days pass when Goku seems to be "sick" and Chichi suggests he seek out King Kai for advice. Goku is forbidden from using his ki until it stabilizes but when he attempts to fly, he accidentally destroys their house, much to Chichi's wrath. Goku continues working as a farmer but is eager to train again, and Chichi comes up with a way for Goku to train while farming.

This works until Goku accidentally destroys most of the farming site. When Goku convicted Zen-Oh to set up the Tournament of Power, Chichi tried to stop him from taking Goten to train but they sneak away from her. Chichi agrees to let only Goku train though.

They have somewhat of an unusual relationship; with Chichi dominating over her husband and sons, and Goku simply following her orders as Roshi commented that the thing Goku is afraid of other than a Super Saiayn is his wife. She gets very angry over how Goku trains Gohan, afraid of him putting his life in danger and neglecting his studies. Despite how bad she treats him, she loves him very much and will defend Goku when someone bad-mouths him.

Although Goku often thinks of family as companions, it is obvious that he loves her as well and he had grown to do so as he later says he likes her overbearing attitude, despite his fear of her temper.