Eleven and clara relationship goals

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eleven and clara relationship goals

See more ideas about Eleventh doctor, 11th doctor and Clara oswald. The Doctor and Clara Oswald, Whouffle moments in the christmas special Clara 11 and Clara Relationship, Hello Sweetie, Eleventh Doctor, Superwholock, Matt and Jenna after filming his last episode Friend Goals, Hug Gif, Last Episode. Explore Evey Rose Oswald's board "Eleven & Clara" on Pinterest. | See more ideas The relationship between the Doctor and his companions is at the core of . Clara Oswald is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and portrayed by Jenna Coleman in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. First appearing in the show's seventh series, Clara served as a companion of the eleventh and twelfth incarnations of the .. Concerning Clara's relationship to the Doctor, Coleman said, "It's been.

It's a doctor-and-companion love, and there's nothing else like it, really. It's kind of an unquantifiable love, I think. As I understand it, Clara becomes like the doctor in this season? I think gradually she's becoming more and more independent, more and more like him, her confidence is maybe getting greater.

Her risk-taking is getting heightened all the time, because at the end of the day he always saves her.

eleven and clara relationship goals

So do you have any idea what the writer, Steven Moffat, plans to do with Clara next? For me, it's always been I want to tell the best story, and I'm kind of flexible and I will stay for as long as it's the way to tell the best story, until it sort of feels like the right place to end.

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Look, I'm a reserved character and I don't like to be fully open with everyone else, apart from the person I might be falling for. I certainly have strong feelings for Sam. He'd seen last year's The Bachelor, in which Blake Garvey chose Sam Frost but then went off with another contestant, and had thought "it seemed like a pretty rotten thing for that fellow to do to her … a bit weak-willed on his part".

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Clara Oswald (Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors)

Meta madness High camp. Words fail us in attempting to convey the level of meta achieved by the new horror comedy series Scream Queens, which starts on Ten this week. As Variety magazine described it: American Horror Story — I wanted to do something anthological like when I was a kid.

All of these shows are created from a very pure place of just wanting the experience, and then by getting to share that with others. Her character is named Chanel, and her acolytes are named after her.

Chanel 3 is played by Billie Lourd, the daughter of Carrie Fisher.

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She wears ear muffs, which seem to be a nod to her mother's hairdo in Star Wars. And one of Chanel's male admirers is played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnie, which should ensure a healthy dose of Terminator jokes. But Murphy's biggest coup was recruiting Jamie Lee Curtis. I cannot do accents. You're not going to hire me to play Marie Antoinette. With the Eleventh Doctor, as part of their stuck-in- Better as Friends dynamic.

While he kisses her in almost every episode they share nine or so out of twelvewhen he does, he tends to give her a friendly smooch on the forehead. In a few particularly tender moments mainly in "The Time of the Doctor"he's also kissed her gently on the hands and her hair. In "The Day of the Doctor"the Tenth Doctor gives her a gentlemanly kiss on her hand before parting with the Eleventh Doctor and her.

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In the same episode Clara almost kisses the Eleventh on the lips, but the cheek kiss, Held Gaze and face stroke feels a lot more intimate. Twelve was adamant about following this trope to the point of avoiding kissing altogetherthough he was generally willing to bear an awkward hug from his pal. By Series 9, however, he's back to instigating hugs himself. To commemorate their reunion in "Last Christmas"Clara gives Twelve a kiss on the cheek, much like the ones she used to give to Eleven.

They then depart hand in hand for further adventuring. In "Face the Raven"Clara hugs the Doctor one last time, and again strokes his face. The Doctor then takes her hand and kisses it before she goes to her death. Later, in "Heaven Sent"the version of Clara recreated in the Doctor's mind again strokes his face. Steven Moffat's novelization of the episode confirms that the kiss actually came from Clara. She has fought the Great Intelligence throughout time and space, at every moment of the Doctor's life.

eleven and clara relationship goals

Considers Missy this, at one point intending to cold-bloodedly kill her, though she's still willing to work with her to rescue the Doctor. Delivers a surprising and, to some fans, uncalled for one to the Doctor in "Into the Dalek". She later, in "Kill the Moon"threatens to do so so hard, the Doctor would regenerate. This aspect of the character was eliminated in Series 9, with the slapping replaced by face stroking. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: She leaves the Doctor having become essentially immortal.

It's an uneasy friendship at times, but her and the Twelfth and more rarely, the Eleventh have several moments in this vein. Clara also goes from being innocently insensitive to Danny to proving that she does care for him, as inept as she is verbally at the whole dating and relationship thing. Made clear in Series 9, they demonstrated the gestures and affections associated with an established couple, minus the kissing of course.

If you get the impression that a short and harmless-looking cutie like Clara could not possibly become badass when the situation calls for itthink again. Oswin has extremely good hacker skills. Both present day Clara and Victorian Clara are keen to observe their surroundings, notice details that others tend to overlook and derive a potential plan from what they found out.

Clara Oswald

Present day Clara is also a bit of a bookworm herself. She even had a pinup of Marcus Aurelius on her wall as a child! Which might explain why we see her writing down a quote by him on a whiteboard in the anniversary special. At face value, she'd like to convince everyone that she's a fully mature, professional perfectionist who barely loses her cool at any time. Inside, she feels vulnerable, insecure and often even inadequate, and her more waspish moments and overprotectiveness of children reflect her fear of not living up to the legacy of her parents, who she adores especially her deceased mother.

Threaten little kids, try to harm or kill the Doctor, or act ignorantly to the suffering of other people, and she'll waste no time in calling you out on it or punching you defiantly. Tellingly, she always acts disturbed whenever the Doctor is being too aloof, secretive or seemingly careless, and she isn't afraid to express her disagreement with such behaviour. Given the Twelfth Doctor's colder and more questionable methods, he tends to press the "button" more often than the Eleventh. A more comedic variation is how much she dislikes anyone implying she's a control freak.

The Twelfth Doctor finally finds out unintentionally what it takes to push her berserk button after he makes her decide whether or not to save the moon-egg creature. So much so, she tells him to go to hell, though they ultimately make up.

Beware the Nice Ones: Read the "Nice Girl" section below. There are a number of things about her that, according to Doctor Who's internal logic, should be impossible. The dying thing, for one.

The 50th anniversary episode reveals that she rides a motorcycle. She's seen riding it again in "The Zygon Invasion". She calls Jane Austen a "phenomenal kisser", has a lot of chemistry with female guest stars in season eight, echo Oswin's first crush was on a girl called Nina, and she brings up Jane again in "Face the Raven"telling Rigsy she loves her, and he can take that any way he likes.

The timeline gets reset pretty soon, but the Doctor comes close to crying at the sight.

eleven and clara relationship goals

We probably don't really want to know what Oswin looked like inside the Dalek in "Asylum of the Daleks". Her death in "Face the Raven" is in some respects more disturbing.

We see no blood, no aftermath other than the smoke-like raven entity leaving her mouth, but whatever it did to her, it made her scream in terrible pain. While a Hope Spot existed that this might have been a despair cry rather than a pain cry, "Heaven Sent" confirmed that she died in agony, and it is strongly implied that this was the trigger that pushed the Doctor towards becoming a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds to save her from that fate.

Assuming the Curator really is a far-future retired Doctor, Clara Oswald is both the first companion "Listen" and potentially the last one "The Day of the Doctor" he encounters, however briefly, in his very, very, very long life. Memory wiping is also part of not only Clara's death story, "Face the Raven"but also her resurrection story, "Hell Bent". When the genuine Clara first meets the Doctor in "The Bells of Saint John"she is wearing a necklace in the shape of a raven.

Clara's leitmotiffirst heard briefly in "Asylum of the Daleks"showcased in "The Snowmen"and reprised numerous times in Series 7, 8 and 9, becomes an actual part of the storyline and represents Clara's Cloisters conversation with the Doctor in "Hell Bent".

Has been born, lived, died and been reborn again in a million eras on a million worlds. And once the Doctor extracts her from her time stream in "Hell Bent"she is once again reborn - and this time is functionally immortal until she eventually returns to trap street.

eleven and clara relationship goals

She's not physically strong, but her bravery combined with her smarts have helped her and the Doctor get out of several seemingly unsolvable situations. She's also surprisingly intelligent and stubbornly independent-minded.