Crisis core meet aerith and sephiroth

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crisis core meet aerith and sephiroth

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an action role-playing game developed by 1 Genesis Rhapsodos; 2 Zack Fair; 3 Angeal Hewley; 4 Sephiroth; 5 Gillian 9 Aerith Gainsborough; 10 Loveless (Spoken by Genesis Rhapsodos); 11 External links You've never actually met your mother, you've only been told her name, no?. Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, Aeris met Cloud while selling flowers on In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Aerith wears a blue and white dress with a red . Sephiroth reveals his plan to use the Black Materia to call Meteor, the. She meets Cloud Strife in Midgar, and the two become close, leading her to join his In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Aerith wears a blue and white dress with a red . During their captivity, Sephiroth manifests through Jenova's remains that .

She also wears a thick bright blue belt. Personality Aerith is upbeat and joyful, and several times in Final Fantasy VII attempts to cheer up her fellow party members. As she was raised in the Midgar Slums, Aerith maintains that she can take care of herself and can fight off Shinra troops, as well as demonstrating more subtle forms of savvy. Aerith is flirtatious with Cloud and possesses a carefree and naive nature, expressing a desire to fly on an airship when the party sails out of Junon.

When Aerith has made up her mind about something she will not listen to anyone who tells her otherwise. Though she means well, Aerith can be insensitive to other people's problems, like when Barret is troubled in the Gold Saucer.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Aerith and Tifa often spend time together when the party splits up and are good friends, though Aerith expresses slight jealously when she discovers how close Tifa is to Cloud. As a child, Aerith was reluctant to accept her Cetra heritage, and in Final Fantasy VII she admits to Cloud she considers herself lonely, as she is the only remaining Cetra. These traits may be influenced by her Cetra heritage allowing her to communicate with the Planet.

Aerith has a strong sense of forgiveness, displayed in occasions such as with Cloud after the events at the Temple of the Ancients. She even shows compassion to people who might not deserve the gesture, like Tseng.

Aerith is portrayed as an independent, outgoing, motherly[5], and kind young woman who displays an intuitive understanding of others and is deeply in-tune with nature.

crisis core meet aerith and sephiroth

Her extrovert personality is a contrast to Tifa's more withdrawn guarded mindset. In Aerith's later portrayals in Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Kingdoms Hearts her outgoing, playful nature is not as apparent, and instead shows a more prayerful and dreamy demeanor. When she was barely twenty days old Professor Hojo tracked Gast down, killed him, and captured Ifalna and Aerith.

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The two became subject to numerous experiments at the hands of Hojo and Shinra as they researched the Cetra. Seven years later, inIfalna and Aerith escaped the Shinra Headquarters, but Ifalna was wounded and only made it as far as the train platform in the slums under Sector 7 before collapsing.

Elmyra Gainsborough was there to wait for her husband's return from the Wutai War, and before passing, Ifalna asked her to keep Aerith safe and so Elmyra brought Aerith home with her.

For years Elmyra raised Aerith alone as her adopted daughter in the slums of Sector 5. Shinra relocated her, and Tseng of the Turks, who considered Aerith a friend, attempted to persuade her to join Shinra willingly instead of capturing her, but Aerith refused.

At the time, the Wutai War ate up most of Shinra's resources postponing the Neo Midgar project—the project Shinra primarily wanted Aerith for.

As Aerith grew up she continued to hear the Planet and although she was reluctant to admit it, was aware of her Cetra heritage and tried hard to hide it. Aerith spent time in the Sector 5 Church. Due to the Mako Reactors draining the life out of Midgar and the surrounding areas, little could grow around the metropolis. Regardless, Aerith cultivated a flower patch out of the dirt under the church's floorboards. Relationship with Zack I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won't remember them all, so I put them all together into one I'd like to spend more time with you.

crisis core meet aerith and sephiroth

When he awakens, Zack mistakes being in heaven and Aerith as an angel, but she corrects him. Zack suggests a date, but Aerith brushes him off.

She shows him around, and Zack buys Aerith her trademark pink hair ribbon. Tseng calls Zack back to the Shinra Headquarters, but he promises to see Aerith again. Aerith and Zack continue to speak frequently over his cellphone and see each other for the next two years. After Angeal's death, Zack visits Aerith who holds him as he cries. Angeal's will lingers in the form of a canine copy that settles at the church and defends Aerith from rogue Shinra security robots.

Zack suggests Aerith sell flowers to make money, as flowers are a luxury item in Midgar, and constructs flower carts for her. The two head out to the slums to open her business, but it does not go well. Aerith asks Zack for "a few tiny wishes," and Zack has her write them down for him. This is the last time the two would see each other, as later that day Zack is dispatched to Nibelheim with Sephiroth and never returns.

In the upcoming years Aerith overcomes her fears and ventures above the plate to sell flowers, although she elects to using a basket rather than a cart. In Episode 11, on August 9th,the player Turk meets Aerith leaving her house, surprised by the blooming flowers.

Aerith tells the Turk she wishes to leave Midgar to see the world as she can hear the wind calling to her.

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Tseng arrives and the Turk allows Aerith to flee while they distract him. When Zack escapes Shinra custody years later, the final Angeal copy who was left watching over Aerith when Zack left Midgar, seeks him out but soon dies, leaving behind a letter from Aerith as it fades.

As Zack reads it, he discovers Aerith has been doing well selling flowers in Midgar, and during the four years he has been gone she has written Zack eighty-nine letters, though he never receives the rest of them.

  • Aerith Gainsborough

Tseng has the letters and sends the Turks to locate Zack before the Shinra army so they can save him and deliver the correspondence, but the Turks ultimately fail. Aerith tends the flowers in the church while, outside Midgar, Zack is gunned down by Shinra forces. She looks up and clasps her hands. Cloud has the option to warn her to get to safety, buy a flower from her, or blow her off.

Later, after a failed attack on the Sector 5 Reactor, Cloud falls into the church and awakes on the flower bed. Reno of the Turks comes to apprehend Aeris who asks Cloud to become her bodyguard, offering him a date as payment. Cloud helps Aeris escape and takes her home, and Aeris tells Cloud of her Materia heirloom that "does nothing.

Taking a break in the Sector 6 playground, the pair spots Tifa on a chocobo cart, and assumes Don Corneo has kidnapped her. Through an idea of Aeris, she and a crossdressed Cloud infiltrate the Don's mansion to rescue Tifa, who reveals she did not need rescuing as she was trying to get information on Shinra from Corneo. Corneo divulges Shinra has learned the location of the base of operations of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE Tifa and Cloud are members of, and is planning to drop the plate covering the sector to destroy the entire area.

Aeris has been brought to Professor Hojo's lab and during an executive meeting Hojo explains to the top echelons of Shinra he plans to breed her to produce a test subject with extraordinary longevity.

Instead of returning Aeris to Hojo's lab, she is imprisoned in the cells with the others. Her heritage is made known to them, and during their captivity Sephiroth manifests through Jenova's remains that were stored in Hojo's lab to attack Shinra, and the group is freed from their cells. They discover President Shinra murdered and Aeris leads the others out while Cloud and Tifa remain behind as Cloud confronts the new president of the company, Rufus Shinra.

Pursuit of Sephiroth They escape Midgar, and Aeris decides to accompany the others on their quest to hunt down Sephiroth as she wants to find out more about her heritage, having heard Sephiroth is seeking the Cetra's Promised Land.

They keep running into the Turks, with Tseng ensuring she is alright upon their meeting in the Mythril Mine. They pass through Junon and stow away on a cargo ship. During the voyage Aeris tells Cloud she had glimpsed Shinra's Highwind back in Junon airport, and wishes she could fly on it one day.

She retreats to the hotel and mulls over the possibility of being the last Cetra in the world. In Gold Saucer she attempts to cheer up the frustrated Barret by telling him they are going to play, causing him to run off alone. In Gongaga the party runs into Zack's parents who haven't heard of him for years and Aeris reveals she used to be his girlfriend.

Following a visit to Cosmo Canyon and speaking with the village elders, she comes to terms with her powers and duties as the last Cetra, although the knowledge of her task makes her feel more alone. Back in Gold Saucer Aeris is a date option for Cloud, and if the two go out she talks how much Cloud resembles Zack, but also realizes he's different and expresses a desire to meet the "real him. The temple itself transforms into the Black Materia, but Sephiroth takes control of Cloud forcing him into relinquishing it.

When Aeris attempts to stop Cloud, he attacks her and is knocked out by a party member. Chain of Memoriesas director Tetsuya Nomura could not give him a storyline related to Cloud, and he feared negative fan response if Sephiroth did not have a notable role in the story.

The staff, however, did not know if they would portray him as a being of darkness as shown in other titles.

Final Fantasy

His name came from the Kabbalahin which the ten sephirot on the Tree of life represent the ten attributes through which God reveal himself. In early drafts of the game, Sephiroth's personality was already brutal and cruel, with a strong willed and calm ego.

He was to suffer from Mako addiction, resulting in a semi-conscious state as a result of high level exposure to Mako energy. In another excised scene, when Sephiroth's physical body is first seen in the Northern Crater, it was to be female. Since appearing as Safer Sephiroth in the final battle of the game, Sephiroth has had a single black wing on his back, referencing his theme music "One Winged Angel".

crisis core meet aerith and sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII was released, the staff stated that the reason the wing was black was to suggest evil. Sephiroth's look was defined as "kakkoii", a Japanese term combining good looks with coolness.

There can't be anyone else," and regards him as an enemy from a previous generation, in contrast to his " Remnants " who appear in Final Fantasy VII: His revival in the film was introduced in the early stages of development, but the official decision as to how to bring him back was not reached until later.

Nomura originally planned to have him appear from the start, but as it took the staff two years to develop his design, the idea of his presence throughout the film was scrapped, and it was decided instead to have him only appear on screen for a short time.