Claymore clare and raki relationship

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claymore clare and raki relationship

Opposite of the introverted personality of Clare. Raki is trusting, uncynical. The eternal optimist. His relationship with Clare repeats Leo Halford's relation with. Read the topic about The Triangle between Clair Raki and Priscilla on Ok I was just finally deciding to watch the Claymore anime yesterday because the scent (on Clare), she basically ditched Raki and left him with a parting gift (the Having said that, I believe Raki's relationship to the both of them will. Raki saw Clare as a big sister, and Clare saw Raki as herself when . is with- choosen Priscilla or some other girl/Claymore instead of Clare.

That's why he's pushing himself to get stronger, walking all alone. Funny enough, that's in a way the same objetive of Teresa in episodesbut i never saw anyone calling her underdeveloped. Another huge issue I have is with people hating on the relationship Clare and Raki have. I mean, Raki literally has no one else in this fucking country except for Clare. Remember the part where his brother killed his whole family or something, and then Clare had to kill his brother, and then the whole fucking town pretty much banished him, which meant he had nowhere to go back to?

Yeah, I do too. Essentially alone, which is somewhat normal and expected for a Claymore, Raki is the only positive human interaction in her life. Safe to say, they rely on each other, and if it bugs you, piss off. The kiss is just a way of calming him down. A kiss is a promise.

claymore clare and raki relationship

Raki was not a damsel in distress: He was willing to die with Clare in the cathedral, in an attempt to protect her from her letting Galk decapitate her. He certainly was not a damsel in distress against Ophelia, he just didn't have the power to succeed, which was to be expected obviously.

He stood up to Cid and Galk in Rabona in defense of Clare, that certainly takes bravery. I would never stand up to a cop or policeman, which is the equivalent of Cid and Galk. He managed to follow Clare, until he collapsed in "The Fields". He survived on his own after they separated due to Ophelia. He survived Isley and Priscilla, and Isley's training. He wasn't afraid of Clare, even though she could Awaken at any time and eat him up. He bravely tried to punch the NY in his second time.

Just to make me "preach" even more? Here's some points from eps that shows that he's not as underdevoloped as some people might think. He pretty much knows nothing of the world outside his village and much less of Claymores. And we learn of his current occupation, a cook. He has lost everything, and the only thing left is this Claymore, the only person in the world that gives a damn about him, hence why he calls her sister, and fallows her like a little brother would fallow an older sister.

When the soldier started talking smack about Clare, he punched him in the face, despite knowing that the guy was stronger them. When Clare asked to be killed for going over her limit, Raki threw himself onto her and was willing to die along with Clare. At the end of the episode, Raki decides that he wants to become stronger inorder to protect Clare.

Clare is the only thing he has left, the only thing worth living for. Teresa had a similar purpose, which was to live for Clare. Now Raki has taken her place and is the one who is living for Clare.

All the yoma not Awakened are men. I understand why women are warriors and why some Awakened are men but how do they make the leap from person to yoma?

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Almost all the Yoma we saw seems to be men, but since they can change gender at will, I would say that they choose to be male because in a middle age society, male are more free than women. There is a male Yoma in episode 2 of the anime, disguised as a Claymore. Not sure about the manga. I really think the Yoma have no gender. People have pointed out parts where a Yoma seemingly rapes someone, but their dialogue seems to suggest that they only have interest in eating people, I think.

And I doubt they're limited in the bodies they choose to inhabit, as long as the person is dead. The biggest reason that Yoma are a threat is because they can disguise themselves as anyone, and only a Claymore can tell a human from a Yoma in disguise unless they make a mistake. But this statement has one flaw - humans bleed red, Yoma bleed purple. You could skip calling in the Claymores if you just force everyone in the area to cut their finger and hold it up to show the color of their blood, and have twenty guys with crossbows shoot anyone who refuses or has purple blood.

I'm pretty sure they just added purple blood to the anime for the audiences benefit. Now it's been revealed that the Yoma are actually parasitic, so naturally the bodies would bleed read, since they ARE human. The anime just made an assumption in order to distinguish between their carnage. Just how powerful IS Quicksword?

I mean, it leaves visible slash marks in water. Like, 40 clear, distinct slash marks lasting AFTER the technique has been used and the user has relaxed. I mean, water cohesion means that water reacts to being parted 0. Meaning one cut every 0. Are my numbers wrong, cause this doesn't seem possible The whole setup is supposedly a research program to develop a super weapon for an ongoing war on another continent.

What kind of research program takes over a hundred years? How long did they expect the war to last? Until it was over, probably. The 'war' has been going on for a very long time, and it was only a hundred years ago that all the warring nations formed two different sides. For those countries and most countries on earth, really war isn't something that only happens once every ten or twenty years. The countries are always at war, all the time, and the only time they take a break is when both they and their enemy are so weakened that they decide to put the fighting on hold in order to build up their armies some more.

As for the research, well, we don't really know just what level of technology the Organization has. Turning people into monsters is way beyond anything we can do, but if the Organization is stuck at the technology level of medieval times, as it seems to be, then it probably takes a lot longer for them to make advances in their research then it would for someone with a modern laboratory, better equipment, and a more comprehensive knowledge of biology.

Claymore - Clare kiss Raki

If Dae chose the three strongest 1's in their history, why isn't Teresa in that group of three? Does he even have her body? Didn't they already use her corpse to make Clare into a Claymore? Re-attaching Teresa's head and compensating for whatever flesh they used on Claire may have made it not worth it. Apparently nobody knew how strong Teresa really was, except possibly Rubel. And if they did, they certainly would not use Teresa.

Priscilla is bad enough but adding a rampaging Awakened Teresa? I think even Dae is not that crazy or suicidal. It may merely be the three strongest 1's whose bodies the organization actually had access to in a relatively whole state or even the only three - if they had more than just those three, you'd think, given the situation, that they would have released them all.

Naturally the original three Abyssal Ones were 1's whose bodies the organization didn't have, so there's no telling how they ranked against these next three. Other 1's if killed in the field may not have had a usable body left to recover.

In the case of Teresa, it might be that the head is necessary to keep the body viable, and death by decapitation renders the body unusable for this purpose. But Cassandra's body was not relatively whole.

What was that kiss between Raki and Claire? Was it romantic or what?

Not in the slightest. They had all the pieces, though, whereas Teresa's head was presumably used to create Clare. So that might explain why. Teresa came after Luciela, and at the time of Luciela's Awakening, Alicia and Beth were babies taken to be raised as number ones, leaving little room for two immensely powerful successive number ones. It's obvious they knew what an awakened being was, but calling Priscilla an Awakened Being is like calling the Pacific Ocean a puddle. You forget that Claymores can sense yoki, so their reaction was probably about how impossibly gigantic Priscilla's yoki was.

The latest chapters make it clear that she is so far beyond any other Awakened being, that she may just as well be something completely different, or atleast that's how she get's perceived by those who can feel youki. But Irene answers, "A creature beyond the yoma, and utterly different from a human. Could possibly explained in-universe as Irene talking more to herself than Noel, in a horrified reaction to one of their own changing right in front of them after murdering the strongest Claymore in the history of the Organization.

Awakened Beings tend to be stronger based on their strength before Awakening. So, how does a partially Awakened Number 47 beat a fully Awakened Number 2? Is it because Awakening power not only corresponds to actual strength as a warrior but also potential Priscilla was weaker as a warrior than Teresa, and because of her inexperience probably would have lost to claymore Riful or Isley, but upon Awakening could easily defeat both as Awakened ones?

Three reason for the fight to be in favor of Clare: Second, Rigaldo lost an arm and never get an opportunity to take it back. Lastly, he is like Priscilla fast, lethal and fragilewho is the monster that Clare trained her whole life and choose her skill in accordance to that to kill. So it is more a case of a bad match for Rigaldo than it is a contest of raw power.

Most importantly, Clare's low rank was because all she'd fought before the series started were Yoma and training matches against other Claymores. Her entire fighting style was intended to fight Awakened Beings, so her rank wasn't actually reflective of her abilities even at the beginning. So if Number 10 Raftela was made to hunt down other Claymore, why wasn't she sent to hunt down Teresa or Irene?

Was she too weak or was she created and trained in response to Teresa's defection? The Number 10's job isn't to hunt down other Claymores. It's to deal with Claymore rebellion. She stays at the Organization's headquarters permanently, and protects it from any Claymores that try to attack. In other words, Raftela was made to prevent a second Cassandra. Defensive Claymores get the ability to regenerate. Do offensive types get any sort of benefit? Are they simply better fighters in general?

If that were the case, I would assume all defensive fighters would have lower rankings than defensive fighters. Healing is nice, but isn't the point to kill Yoma, Awakened Beings, and possibly be able to out-duel a fellow Claymore?

claymore clare and raki relationship

Galatea is a defensive Claymore ranked 3. Does that mean that if she had focused on being offensive, should could have easily become 1? It just seems like being defensive has no draw-backs. Defensive types can't do as much damage, and their special attacks tend to be weaker. The Olny reason that Galatea is ranked 3 and not one, is because numbers 1 and 2 are basically Abyssal Ones.

A defensive type may have less offensively powerful attacks than an equally powered offensive type, but in battle, their healing factor means they can fight longer, recovery from injuries, and ultimately tank more damage. Another thing you are forgetting is that the organization values two things more then strength or toughness when ranking a Claymore: Yomi energy and sensing.

The reason that Teresa was number 1 and potentially the strongest number 1 was because she had total mastery of both of these. Galatae was in a similiar situation, she was a defensive type but the reason she was numer 3 was because of her ability to sense Yomi over a very wide area from even the smallest amount and her ability to control the yomi in her enemies and, as said above, the only reason she was not the number 1 was likely because they made the 1 and 2 the focus of their awakening experiment.

So is it just me, or is the Organization's plans in making Claymores and Yomas utterly ridiculous? Miria stated that the whole thing is some sort of experiment to create living weapons to fight against another continent. But throughout the story, all the powerful Abyssal Ones don't work for the Organization and ends up dead anyway.

So why do they insist to continue such experiment? Because everything has been going as planned?

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The island is supposed to be a giant science experiment, not a production facility. None of the Claymores or Awakened Beings they create are ever meant to see battle on the continent. All they do is try one thing after another in an attempt to create controllable Awakened Beings, which they have had some success at. All the Awakened Beings they send to war are created on the continent, not on the island.

It is stated to be a research program, and for all we know the research hasn't succeeded yet. When you plan out a research program, you cannot predict beforehand if it will actually work. That's what research means.

So of course, if this means that if the battle on the continent ends with the side with the Dragonkin winning, and if that side turns out to be even worse than the Organization's side, then we'll get a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

The Organization's research definitely gives off strong What an Idiot! First of all, the technology they have access to is very vague, but considering their own military presence is armed with swords and spears, and their dialogue, chances are they have no concept of genetic engineering, let alone transgenesis.

How did the Org's higher-ups not pull the plug after the first fuckups with the male generation and Riful is an impenetrable mystery. To be fair, they might have cut the funding, hence the Org's extortion practices, but if so why is the Org.

You seem to have missed the part where the Organization succeeded at its original goal years ago. And the part where they don't care what happens to the people on the island. And the part where, up until a week ago, things were running perfectly fine for them. Also, even back in the very first generation, they had some incredible successes — they produced humans with the powers of the dragons they were trying to fight!

Yes, those humans went insane and proved uncontrollable, but still, producing Abyssal Ones is a huge deal. They also managed to produce controllable, sane enhanced human Claymores, which, while not what they were really aiming for, is still a hopeful sign.

A failure would be if they just didn't produce anything at all. The Abyssal Ones going insane or the Claymores not being strong enough is just a temporary setback requiring more research to work out the bugs.

So if Yoma are just parasite-infected humans, what does that make the Claymores? Once they Awaken, it seems like they keep their "human" consciousness for the most part, just with an off-putting tendency to utterly lose any concept of empathy. Okay, so that's normal enough for Yoma. All the same, Awakened Beings are shown to be able to love just as deeply as any Claymore or human — look at Riful and Dauf.

Both of them were willingly to risk their lives and in Dauf's case, outright die to keep the other alive. Isley genuinely loved Priscilla and Raki, and Luciela cried tears of joy at seeing Rafaela, stating that she had wanted for so long to see her sister again. Compare regular Yoma, who are prone to eating family members and have never been shown to care about anyone, ever.

So what does that mean for the "parasite" that is the true form of Yoma? Are Claymores still infected by it? If it's a parasite that invades the flesh, then why does it affect them so differently just because it's introduced to their bodies in a different manner? Or have I misread everything and the Claymores have, in fact, been lied to all along, and they're actually made out of the flesh of the "dragons", with the Yoma being a parasitic offshoot that was a failed research attempt?

The Yoma and the Claymore's are different in one very important way. The Yoma are created when a human is infested by the parasite created from the dragons flesh. It invades the brain, taints the flesh with its energy and takes control of the body. Effectively the human is dead. A Claymore is not made from the parasite, they are created from the tainted flesh of a Yoma that has the dragon's power in it but not the brain destroying parasite.

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So the Claymore gets all the advantages of the dragons; long live, great strength and the ability to change into a higher form but generally keep their human nature. I've only gotten up to chapter 16, so if this is explained later, sorry.

They know what they look like and how to hire them And considering developments later in the manga, it's likely the Organization making things obvious as to how to hire a Claymore. Is the girl who was kicking Priscilla's ass in Chapter really Riful Back from the Dead as the article seems to indicate, or is it her daughter, as what looks like a fetus made of tentacles is shown in Chapter She was infected and resurrected by the Destroyer, like Dauf, and may have combined with some matter from him as well.

She specifically attacked the Destroyer, which I doubt one of its parts wouold do, to get it out of the way so she could fight the Priscilla. My current theories are that a it is Riful and Dauf's offspring, which could only been born when her mother died b given Riful's Awakened form showed that she had no vitals in her upper half it's possible she survived long enough to absorb Dauf but in doing so destroyed her sense of self, knowing only her hatred for Priscilla or c Priscilla, who has been shown to be able to break off parts of her body and revive the dead, accidentally left part of herself in Riful and Dauf when killing them, and the two revived, and that's why Destroy-Priscilla attacked it like they thought she was there to be absorbed only for Riful and Dauf's hatred for her to wake up just as that was happening and attack.

If the dragons are so powerful, how did the Organization capture two of them for their experiments? Keep in mind that they didn't have anything like Claymores or Awakened Beings prior to catching them. Probably through sheer manpower. A single dragon might be more powerful than a single person, but if you send hundreds or thousands of people to capture it, then even though you might suffer massive casualties, you will eventually succeed.

According to chapterRubel speaks of the male Claymore generation as "us first warriors. The way I understand it there was just the one male generation before they realized that they were all quickly awakening. Riful was activated when Isley, Dauf and Rigaldo were still not awakened, and if all of the men awakened and there were 1s before Isley there should've been other male Abyssal Ones; even if they were killed before the story they would've warranted at least a mention with all the flashbacks going on.

Claymore is a nice, sometimes gripping story, but it fails utterly in addressing Dystopia Is Hard and Flynning. First part is, of course, because this island isn't a dystopia.

It's a weapons testing facility designed to produce controllable monsters run by scientists and soldiers. The people here are just here to be victims and set pieces for staged conflict exercises. Not to mention, our POV characters are all heavily indoctrinated child soldiers who likely neither know or care about the the logistics of maintaining this facade. As for the flynning, they never do it against humans, only Yoma and Awakened, because the rules of combat are different there.

You NEED to be able to use your very wide long sword as a shield when the enemy can, on average, attack from any angle, and regularly shape-shift new weapons on the fly. Agreed on the Dystopia Is Hardif only because I just remembered that the society and economy of the island's population does seem to be in an appalling state, even in the process of falling apart altogether. Bad conditions, falling population, children being sold by own parents IIRC, proliferation of bandits Regarding the flynning, not so much.

As far as I can tell the fencing styles invented in war-torn cultures are the best ways to use a sword to hurt a human being, and by extension everything else.

You'll see that many striking techniques in historical European fencing at least come with an immediate escape, parry or pin on the opponent, precisely to avert Taking You with Me. The same principle can be turned on humanoid yoma and awakened Hi, Priscilla. If you can at least somewhat keep up with their speed and power, and you know fencing and they don't, you can easily obtain and advantage and just keep chaining technique after technique until you win this is also why I think a BFS isn't needed - arming sword and shield combos, or even just longswords made with Claymore material would work best, and axes or maces for awakened that combine high power with tough armour, like Duff.

If you can't keep up with them Flynning isn't going to help, not even Drillsword Rule of Cool and Waif-Fu or not there are several reasons why that shouldn't work.

claymore clare and raki relationship

Maybe it's just a case of Flinning as my Pet-Peeve Tropethough. Most Awakened Beings can only be killed via complete dismemberment and most aren't humanoid, the average Awakened Being is a nonsense mass of armor, blades and tentacles. You can't dismember something that large with a small blade, and certainly not with a bludgeon. Only those with weird techniques, or really good team work can surprise them if they're not already strong enough to power on through.

Also, what is up with the scars? It's just a straight-line open wound that needs to be kept stitched up - hardly the male-repellent they're made out to be! It's an open wound stretching from the trachea to the genitals held tight by thick metal wire.

They were expecting a beautiful woman, not that. Most humans are scared to even touch Claymores at the best of times, just from the stigma of hybrids they carry.

Seeing such a grotesque injury probably drove home that stigma for the bandits and was a major turn-off. It's that stigma combined with the unnatural injury that makes it so repellent. They may have even thought they'd catch something if they went anywhere near it.

OP here, and meh. It doesn't look anything like gruesome. Blame the idealized and simplified art if you like, but I just watched some real-life pictures of fresh sutures and a regenerating open wound. Given the kind of world they live in and their own proclivities those bandits are real sensitive boys, aren't they?

Speaking as a hetero non-bandit male, if a claymore was real, adult and willing, I'd tap that. Seriously they all look great. If her genitals are too mangled or sewn shut, improvise. The real turnoff I could see in that situation was that Teresa was clearly unwilling and apathetic - but again, not a bandit. This is very impractical because the sternum is in the way.

Unless the flesh implants are placed right under the skin in which case they should be visible and such a large cut would be obviously not needed.

Again, people are terrified of Yoma and a big open wound loaded with Yoma flesh and blood on display is terrifying on a deep psychological level to the continent.

Seeing that wound reminded them what they're dealing with. It's not just the injury itself, which IS pretty grotesque by most reasonable standards. This is a medieval society, people with a wound like that should be DEAD. It's not a horror-movie sight, but it doesn't need to be to get the point across. As for it being down the middle, the wound is there to give them equal access to both sides for shoving the tissue and blood throughout.