Carl and rick relationship test

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carl and rick relationship test

Geek Girl Authority takes a look at the seven best relationships of the Their relationship would be tested again, but they always remained . The original five, Rick, Carol, Daryl, Carl and Morgan have created a new family. Despite Rick's attempts to keep his son in line, Carl takes out his gun Changing relationship: Rick and Carl must learn to respect each other. In the story, the relationship between Enid and Carl had something of a aloof and cold toward Rick's son at their first meeting in Alexandria.

They spot a deer, but as Carl approaches it, he is shot by Otisa farmhand from Hershel Greene 's farm nearby. They race Carl to Hershel who operates to remove the bullet fragments.

carl and rick relationship test

The operation is successful, but Carl is bed-ridden for several days, leading Hershel to allow Rick's group to stay on the farm while he heals. Once Carl heals, he helps out around the farm and the survivor's camp, but Lori notices he has a colder demeanor. Shane starts to go crazy and opens a locked barn, while Carl becomes more distant once the group finds that Sophia had become a walker and was herded among other walkers of Hershel's family and friends into his barn, believing they can be cured.

Rick's group is forced to put down all of the walkers, including Sophia. Later, Carl heads into the woods alone, finding a walker stuck in a mudpit. He aims a gun to dispatch it, but instead tried to taunt it, and the walker lurches forward, freeing itself. Carl runs back to camp but fails to mention the walker. Later that day, Dale is attacked by the same walker, and the group is forced to euthanize him, and Carl feels regret for not having killed the walker when he had the chance.

Carl learns that Lori is pregnant, but she is unsure if it is Shane's or Rick's child; among these matters, Rick and Shane have a falling out, and Rick chokes Shane to death as Carl watches. Rick tries to explain why he did that to Carl when Carl pulls out a gun and aims it at Rick; however, he does this to fire at the reanimated body of Shane who was about to attack Rick. The gunfire draws more walkers to the farm, and Rick's group and the Greenes are forced to abandon it. The Walking Dead season 3 Rick's group comes to an abandoned prison that they make their new shelter, and spend time clearing it of walkers.

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They also must deal with a few living prisoners, one of whom turns on the group and is abandoned to walkers by Rick. The prisoner gets his revenge by leading walkers into a breach into the prison.

The group is forced to split up, and Carl helps to cover Lori and Maggie. The events have caused Lori to enter into childbirth, but she knows she requires a C-section that will likely be lethal, and says her goodbyes to Carl as Maggie operates. Her daughter is born safely, but she dies, and a traumatized Carl is forced to euthanize his mother to prevent her reanimation. When Carl and Maggie regroup with Rick and the others, carrying the child but without Lori, Rick becomes shellshocked, and spends numerous days mourning over Lori's loss and unable to provide leadership.

Carl helps to see to his sister, whom he named Judith, while Daryl, Hershell, and Glenn take up leadership roles.

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The prison community becomes the target of the nearby Woodbury community, led by the vengeful Governorwho seeks revenge on Michonnewhom the prison group has taken in cautiously. Glenn and Maggie are captured, and Rick leads a group to recover them, leaving Carl in charge. While Rick is gone, Carl encounters a group of survivors led by Tyreeseone who had been bitten by a walker, and he allows them shelter of the prison but locked away from the rest of the group, though says he will ask Rick to evaluate them when he returns.

Rick's group returns successfully, but Rick is still troubled by visions of Lori, and when Carl introduces him to Tyreese's group, Carl interprets Rick's cries of "Get out!

Carl leads them out and apologizes for Rick's lack of understanding. With war between the prison and Woodbury becoming more likely, Rick, Carl, and Michonne drive to Rick's hometown to retrieve weapons from the sheriff's station. Carl remains concerned about Michonne, but Rick seems to trust her. Rick is surprised to find Morgan Jones, the man he first met after waking from his coma, still in his town, and while Rick sees to Morgan, Carl goes to obtain supplies for Judith with Michonne's help.

However, his first stop is a local bar to get a photograph of his family as a memento for Judith, but the bar is filled with walkers. Michonne assists Carl in getting the photo safely. As they return to the prison with weapons and supplies, Carl tells Rick that he believes Michonne is one of them, having gained trust in her. When the Governor attacks the prison, Carl helps in its defense, including killing a terrified teenager compelled to fight when he was advancing on the unarmed Hershel and Judith.

Carl later tells Rick he didn't want what happened to Dale, caused by his inaction, happen to anyone else. The Governor is chased away, and the Woodbury group is integrated into the prison, as Rick finally has come to terms with Lori's death and finally sees Judith as his daughter. The Walking Dead season 4 Despite a population of teenagers at the prison, Carl remains distant from them, having been hardened by his experiences, and instead keeps check on Rick, who has relinquished leadership of the group.

Carl assists as he can with a flu-like outbreak that is lethal to many, which in turn leads to the dead becoming re-animated, until appropriate medicine is brought back to stop the illness. The Governor returns with a new army to attack the prison, forcing the survivors to flee separately. Carl finds a heavily injured Rick in the chaos and helps him to walk away, but then they see the empty baby carrier where Judith had been, and fear she died. The two escape alone, and eventually come to a suburban neighborhood, taking shelter in a house.

Rick is still injured and past the point of exhaustion, so Carl lets him rest while scavenging for supplies in the nearby homes. Eventually Rick recovers, and the two are elated when Michonne, having tracked them from the prison, joins them. The three spend several times resting and bonding, learning about Michonne having lost her own son in the walker epidemic.

However, upon the arrival of a group of scavengers who have discovered their presence, they are forced to flee the house. They come to railroad tracks, with signs pointing to sanctuary at Terminus, and follow them.

Some days later, they are discovered by the same group of scavengers, who have also captured Daryl. Their leader, Joe, announces that his group will beat Daryl to death and rape and kill Carl and Michonne before killing Rick. The threat of harm to Carl enrages Rick, who tears Joe's throat out, guts Carl's attacker, and kills the rest assisted by Daryl and Michonne.

The four continue on to Terminus. They near Terminus, but Rick, suspicious of it, buries most of their weapons outside before they approach it. While they are welcomed into the community, they notice they possess items belonging to their friends, and suspect they have been captured.

The Terminus people turn on them, and force them into a boxcar, where the remains of Rick's group are being held. Rick vows that the Terminus group messed with the wrong people. The Walking Dead season 5 Carol and Tyreese help to rescue Rick's group from Terminus, and when they regroup Rick and Carl are elated to find they have watched and cared for Judith since the Governor's attack on the prison. The group encounters Fr. Gabriel Stokes and spend some time sheltered in his church.

Carl is put in charge of defending the survivors when Rick and the others leave to finish off the remains of the Terminus population that are seeking revenge from the group. The group eventually continues on from the church, heading towards Washington D. The group is met by Aarona recruiter for the nearby Alexandria Safe-Zone, offering the group a place there. While Rick's group is initially skeptical, they are generally welcomed with open arms. Carl helps to take care of Judith as Rick and the others improve Alexandria's security.

Carl meets some of the teenagers in the community, including Enid, a girl who had been wandering on her own after seeing her parents killed by walkers. Carl finds something of interest in Enid, and discreetly watches her, and when she climbs over the fence of Alexandria, he follows her. She remains emotionally distant, but accepts Carl's friendship and returns to the community.

The Walking Dead season 6 Rick's people have been placed into positions of leadership around Alexandria due to their superior survival skills, and one of Rick's first acts is to round up and herd a large group of walkers from a nearby quarry far away from the community.

Carl remains in Alexandria to watch over Judith and the other Alexandria residents. An attack by the Wolves, a feral group that attacks settled communities, disrupts Rick's plan. The Alexandria wall is breached and walkers swarm in. She wanted to believe that Eugene had a cure for the dead. Later, she defends Eugene to Rosita and Glenn. He has saved her life because he knows she would do the same for him.

Their friendship is special. Tara was in a coma after that brave attempt by Eugene. When he heard she was awake he rushed to her side. She was very happy to see Eugene and that he still has his mullet.

carl and rick relationship test

If anyone can and will save Eugene, it will be Tara. They teamed up to recruit people to Alexandria and are the only gay couple on the series. Aaron and Eric recruited Rick and the others. There were some major trust issues though. It took a lot of convincing and compromising, but Aaron was able to get them to trust him. It was a sigh of trouble for Aaron and he ran away from Rick and the others. He frantically ran to a trailer to find his boyfriend Eric. Eric had been injured, but he was alive.

In his relief, Aaron kisses Eric. Aaron and Eric represent a love that is not always accepted and that still shows in the series. If anything Aaron has emerged as a leader of the community. Aaron was with the group when they met Negan. He knows what the Saviors are capable of. Eric found out soon after when the Saviors showed up in Alexandria to collect their payments.

carl and rick relationship test

Eric has begged Aaron not to go on missions with Rick. Aaron feels that he has to do his part. He can help defend the community.

Eric decided that he will go too. They both are strong willed, but Aaron is a bit stronger and more prepared for what they may encounter in the war to come.

Love is love and I hope we get to see more of this wonderful couple. Her husband Ed Adam Minarovich often asserted his authority over her. In her way, she held her own, but only for the sake of her daughter Sophia Madison Lintz. Ed kept to himself and tried to make Carol and Sophia stay away from others.

carl and rick relationship test

Carol reached out to the women of the group and tried to be normal. The minute she was having fun was when Ed would get angry for no reason. Daryl was so obnoxious in season one. He yelled at Rick the moment he met him, tried to order everyone around, and blamed everyone else for his troubles. He acted out because of how he was treated as a child. His mother died when Daryl was very young. His brother Merle tried to save Daryl, but ended up leaving the home.

Daryl endured abuse from his drunk father for years after. Ed died in season one, Merle disappeared and soon Sophia would go missing as well. Carol had a hard time dealing with her loss.

Daryl stepped up and focused on finding Sophia. Daryl had been lost once and no one looked for him. He tried to comfort Carol during the ordeal and held her when they found Sophia had died. Fans have been hoping for a romance between these two since season two. Carol has flirted with Daryl and he tells her to stop. But when the two are separated, their reunions are beyond heartwarming. They are so close…maybe too close…Daryl looks for Carol when there is a skirmish.

Carol shows affection to Daryl when he needs reassurance. Like Maggie and Glenn, Daryl and Carol complement each other. They come from broken homes and know how to give each other strength. They have survived this long doing whatever is necessary. Carol has had a hard time dealing with some of those things. Daryl is having trouble dealing with his own guilt. These two find strength in each other because of what they have been through in the past.

They know the pain and mental stress that each has had to overcome. So of course they are going to be close friends. I think the time for a Caryl romance has past though. Michonne showed up with baby formula and the bad news that the Governor took Glenn and Maggie.

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Michonne is what started the conflict with the Governor. Rick could have easily turned her over to the Governor and avoided the issue. It was Carl Chandler Riggs who convinced him that Michonne was good and was one of them. Michonne has proven her worth to Rick.

She is a fighter, resourceful, and at times, fun to watch. Not to mention, she loves his kids. He has checked her out more than once and way before they got to Alexandria. Michonne has checked him out too. Ok, Ok, it was a bit of surprise when Richonne finally happened. But if you look back, there were so many clues in season six that we missed. Even when Rick was talking to Jessie, he was still checking out Michonne. Finding love in the apocalypse is difficult. Your new love could die at any time.

These two are very strong individuals…and just might be stronger together.