Black star and tsubaki relationship advice

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Tsubaki and I are on our way to the airport to meet everyone else so that "No offense tiny tits, but you giving relationship advice to Black*Star. "Black Star went a little crazy with the weed wacker," laughs Soul, . "Well, I wanted to know if you followed my expert advice, and Tsubaki was. well i don't think they get together but im just a little bit further than you in the book and episode 39 in the anime. but maka and soul don't get.

My dear white coated angel. My heart is in need of your sweet, sweet medical lovin only you can cure! We're so close, all we need to do now is take the offensive somehow and strike at her! He was Spirit's partner before, due to suffering the effects of Asura's madness, is given a new partner. He is named after the title character of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, with elements of Frankenstein's monster.

Experimentation and observation that's all a true scientist cares about. And I am a scientist. Everything in the world is an experimental test subject, of course that includes myself as well. Or is it because you're a Witch? Promise me something if you're gunna sue go after Spirit first okay?

That's good then, I had forgotten what it felt like. Will you cross beyond that door? Let your souls make the decision for you. It's madness is like a plague. We're just a step away, but the moment the sutures come undone, the fight will start all over again. He then imagines the tail snake killing him.

And as Medusa said, I'm more likely to be the loser. Her tail snake is pointed directly towards my throat just a hair's breathe away from beheading me. But right now, I can't seem to picture myself being defeated.

All I can imagine is dismembering that witch, dissection is what I do best My only chance is to roll the dice and hope I win. What path should I take? Move ahead, join the new world that's awaiting to be born, or turn back to the old world? Am I still stable or am I being consumed by the madness? Is this the truth that I see, or the fabricated delusions of insanity? Water ever-flows from higher elevations down to lower ground.

More and more water collects in one place forming a river. So it is too with the lives of men. Set in their ways, they hate the loss of the old order. They fear change, but what if it's better to fall from higher grounds to join the new river? Old or new where everything is controlled by the order, but that's okay. The only thing I need right now is Franken Stein to Marie: It took me a long to realize that, but I finally get it now.

How have you been? I always try to remember my manners, that's the kind of man I was. That's the kind of man I was! That's not the kind of man I was. So that sneaky little brat dumped his punishment on her and took off did he? Back when I was still alive I hated it when dirty tricks like this were pulled! He is named after the University of Oxford. I really am quite intelligent. Hiro, you're a dead man! He's a perpetual failure, he'll get tired of the provisions and give up before to much longer.

Say it isn't so! How could this happen to Hiro of all people, it can't be true! You can't get expelled from the academy.

She is the object of fellow student Ox Ford's affections, though she is often annoyed by his romantic advances. Make sure I'm covered. However, possessing a madness wavelength that intensifies rage, his habit of alienating others makes his use Welcome to my cave young ones. Please forgive the belated salutations. I am the holy sword Excalibur! Do you want to hear the legend of me? Do you want to hear a heroic tale? My afternoon begins with hot tea with two lumps of sugar.

In the evening I change into my pajamas. Who said I was a chef?! Be sure to look through all of them, they're important. I greatly look forward to your participation in number The five hour story telling party.

On a refreshing morning, start out with a refreshing greeting". This is an important provision do you understand? Celebrate Excalibur's birthday in grand-style. Never even think about putting them in my food, you get it? This is number of the 1, provisions you must observe.

Meisters should eat everything regardless of personal likes and dislikes. Never say anything as selfish as "I don't like carrots. Attendance at the five hour story-telling party is absolutely mandatory. Always walk 3 steps behind me. The hero must never tell a lie. Food must be prepared with the freshest ingredients.

You must praise Excalibur at all times. Always place a dehumidifier in your room. Hold on, come back! I'll tell you what! I can lower those 1, provisions down tojust as long as you take part in the five hour story telling party. My legend is quite old. The 12th Century was a long time ago. And a wonderful family they were. It happened long ago when I was still in the flower of my youth. The cities began to grow wild, people lost hope for the future.

black star and tsubaki relationship advice

They became lazy, idol time wasters. And to my everlasting shame I was no exception. Thus, I began to watch the 7 O'Clock news religiously every night! It is already written in the fate of the composer.

A symphony is the inevitable result of a bad childhood, deafness, and too many beans eaten after a certain time of day. Rushing forward without considering things beforehand is the hight of foolishness. Ahh yes, that reminds of of another time when I had to consider things, that case was long ago but I remember it still. It was back when I still hung my hat on Bakers St.

True it may not seem so simple from an ordinary persons point of view, some people may even consider it a baffling, utterly perplexing problem. Things will often appear complicated on the outside while in truth they are simplicity itself. Of course how one sees these things depends on the person, many people find there is a fine line separating the complex to the very simple.

Yes, nothing could satisfy me anymore. I was but a shell of a man. An unspeakable emptiness grew deep within my heart. I became frustrated, sad, hollow.

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The gaping hole inside of me was growing larger everyday. Slowly consuming me from the inside out. At least until that day came. To sum up this leads us to number of the 1, provisions you must observe. Never mail a letter without the return address or the proper postage. And don't call collect. As someone who is unaware of the vital role that singing has played in the cultural history of mankind you are in no position to question me. Remember that the next time you stop to consider your place in this world.

You do not possess the power to deny a singer his song. Do you understand what I'm telling you? I'm looking for heaven!

I'm going to California! Now I would like for you to participate in the most important provision. Number the 5 hour story telling party. I have a great opportunity to announce.

You want to be a warrior don't you? So why not test yourself by mastering me? Only one person can have this honour, so act quickly! Observe my exquisite form. Notice my unparalleled sharpness. Act now and you'll receive four free hours at my five hour story telling party!

Enter yourself for my special drawing. I will be teaming up with the winning Meister. Don't let this chance pass you by. Send entries to the address below. May victory and glory be yours! My legend is far more impressive than anything that has ever happened at this school. All students and Meisters must hear it.

My legend dates back to the twelfth century you see. It began on a midsummers day with the sun blazing overhead. It was a blustery Autumn day. I was the unsavoury fellow back when it all started. Which was in the winter as I recall. I remember the tough crowd, all the hot babes fought over me that summer. Yes that's right, it was summer. A scorching midsummer day. I was a dangerous man at the time. And yet, refined somehow.

They still think so to this day. Although, maybe they didn't think so as much back then. But they definitely said I was dangerous, I'm sure of it And I know I've always been refined so they must have been thinking it. Everyone thought and said and talked about how amazing I was. I'm still amazing of course, but no longer the bad boy that I was back then.

On that chilled, frozen winter day.


I will continue the re-telling of my legend; But first, there will be a five minute break. Stand still and await my return. What do you want? The stated five minute break hasn't passed yet. Don't I know you? A Tuesday or a Wednesday. Or a Saturday perhaps. No, it was on Monday. I suppose it could have been a Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday's a distinct possibility or Friday even.

Although Monday does sound right. And Saturday is a lovely day to begin a legend with. Perhaps it was a Thursday? Maybe Wednesday or Friday? There's always Monday too. And Saturday, we can't forget Saturday. It was almost certainly on a--" Excalibur: Sushi, sushi sushi roll-roll! It is a time of crossroads. Of immense change of incredible uncertainty.

Indeed my 20's were such a period for me. That was when I evolved from a no good troublemaker to the legendary sword you see before you today. Many men envy my hairstyle you see and they were inspired They met every week.

Or was it everyday? As you may have noticed, humans are very young from the time they are born until some years later.

black star and tsubaki relationship advice

I however was born old and wise and would often discuss abstract This man is the brother of the girl who went missing 10 years ago and the Author of this terribly tragic tale of revenge and murder. You have met the provisions. As a reward, I'll sing you a song.

Only a sneezing fit, let's go. We will begin with my personal history! I shall recount my legend from it's historic beginning! You shouldn't make assumptions You may not be able to understand the subtle genius of my character but I assure you there are others who do.

Why wouldn't I be here? What kind of greeting is that? Indeed, the true reason His wife lay dying. Eibon's obsession with immortality was born because he desperately sought to save his beloved. But no matter how great the inventor, or how noble the cause Transcending death is an impossible feet. Not even Eibon could hope to succeed in such an endeavour. But when all seemed lost, someone appeared by his side.

Offering help and comforting words. That's just a bonus. My reason goes a great deal deeper than that I've come to observe. This is Eibon's ultimate creation. The magic tool Brew is assuming it's true form. If used the wrong way, Brew could destroy the entire world.

What do you use your eyes for? Nothing has been decided yet. The battle's still going on Of course I am I require a cup of tea before I deign to answer that. Those in power have the responsibility to maintain honour!

The Holy Sword 'Excalibur'? I could become a famous hero. Why are you asking me? Leave it to me. Reaching the Holy Sword's the only chance I've got.

It's time to say farewell to the academy's favourite errand boy. I will be transformed! What a pitiful bunch you are. I've been reborn as a true hero. Ordinary people like you don't stand a chance against me.

I'm no longer the miserable loser I was. The Holy Sword has changed all that. I've been transformed into a powerful hero.

black star and tsubaki relationship advice

The provisions I must observe to be Excalibur's meister are so easy to handle I could do it in my sleep. It seems to me the real question is - How come you weren't able to handle the Holy Sword? A battle between the three best Meister's in the academy, and Excalibur. I'll be joining the fight as well so you can see my new abilities up close and personal. I am, Hiro the Brave! Last move - Hiro the Atomic. What do you think about the new me, pretty powerful aren't I?

I've made it into the girls' locker room. The exctacy and uncertainty of being the chosen one is overwhelming. Please don't throw things! Then I think of ways to celebrate, each one will be better than the one before! Of course, I'm sorry. Would you like a sandwich or a soda maybe?

I put it back again.

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Once he started those sneezing fits, there was no way to stop it. Spit and snot goes flying, it goes everywhere, I can't stand it. Seriously, the damn thing would be better off dead. Do you know another other ways to completely change a person? Maybe I'll just start with some weight training for now.

black star and tsubaki relationship advice

Crona, you will be a Kishin. I can't get him off my leg. Commenting on my appearance like that! I immediately took out my phone and sent him a text.

He looked at me like I was retarded and texted back. There's nothing wrong with me. Just tell me what's wrong. The girl I like is in a relationship and I see them everywhere I go and it pains me inside. I'll help you get a girlfriend, if it's the last thing I do. I smiled at him when he looked up at me and he sent me a goofy grin back.

Another short chapter of this fanfic. I don't own Soul Eater or it's characters.

black star and tsubaki relationship advice

She watches Soul as he mows the lawn, blushing as she notices Black Star staring at her from their driveway, the weed wacker in hand. She quickly takes a clean plate from the brown, wooden cupboard, level with the window, and starts washing it over and over, making it look like she's washing the dishes.

Now having a reason to hover by the window, she glances every now and then to watch Soul, she couldn't help it. He looked so hot, panting and wearing a gray tank top with some black shorts, his six pack peeking out every now and then, and his hair still as fresh looking as can be but with some strands poking out, he looked drool worthy.

I wonder if Black Star will say anything, thinks Maka anxiously. She didn't want him to tell Soul or anything, that would be so embarrassing!

Ok, I have to calm down, I'll go read my new book! I can finally relax after all that work. Maka dries her hands off, a last glance out the window, and grabs her Kindle, sitting down in the very dark, almost black, fluffy rocking chair in the living room.

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He wanted to keep this feeling to himself until he showed it to Maka, and if she was noticing him now, it could be soon. Dang it, thinks Soul, he forgot he had to tell Black Star, and he could tell Black Star wasn't going to let him stall for very long. Black star already knew Soul didn't like talking about relationships, so he had to do something to get Soul to admit he liked someone.

It must be hard for you, you have to live with her and you're not even dating," taunts Black Star. He needs to tell Maka, thinks Black Star, trimming the grass around the tall, fat cherry blossom tree. I have to do something.

It's now or NOW! Maka then grabs a towel from the laundry room and puts it around Soul's neck, her fingertips lingering on the back of his neck.