Anko and orochimaru relationship counseling

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anko and orochimaru relationship counseling

KakaAnko is the term used to describe the romantic relationship between Kakashi Hatake and Anko Mitarashi. KakaAnko is fairly known pairing in the Naruto fandom. However, it is often overlooked in the series by other Kakashi ships. Naruto assembled some impressive shinobi teams. Naruto Team Anko Went To Land of Sea on a mission with Naruto Ino and Shino. As Naruto's longest running villain, Orochimaru is very powerful. Anko underwent the painful process when Sasuke needed information . Jiraiya The Gallant, but so was his relationship with his former teammates, Jiraiya and Tsunade. .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

I want to talk to you, not seeing you sleep while I'm here talking". I want to ask you about Naruto's eyes, there is something to those that manage to put some dangerous senses inside my body and I don't know what to make out of those".

When I looked at it, it's like Naruto is a new man, it seemed like he was a veteran killer or something like that" — Said Anko while witnessing Kakashi in a thinking pose while remembering seeing such eyes on the mission that Naruto was capturing the suna missing-nins.

Indeed, if felt like he was a true killer, but I didn't feel any malice towards me at all, but rather the enemies" — Said Kakashi, who appeared to be thinking out loud, but actually Anko was considering those very words. How the hell could he change so much?

anko and orochimaru relationship counseling

Kakashi ended up telling Anko about Naruto's little rampard episode some time ago when he happened to leak some of the kyuubi's chakra, while showing to everyone who terrifying were to be in his shoes while growing up, leaving a wide-eyed Anko who had her suspicions about that being Naruto, but never had proof, just to know now that that was a result of Kakashi telling him about Obito and the failure in comparison between Kakashi's past and Naruto's, disengaging Naruto's control over the beast, since Naruto couldn't hold such negative emotions any longer, having to release it somehow.

Anko was seeing the smile upon Kakashi's face, when he talked about the fact that it was Naruto who saved him for feeling miserable over the loss of Kakashi's teammates and his sensei which was by the way the Yondaime Hokage. Seeing that Anko got her answers and reached a conclusion about what to do about Naruto, she thanked the scarecrow jounin for his assistance and smiled telling him that she could very well see Naruto's smile got to him and that if Naruto could save Kakashi like he did, he could very well save her as well for her nightmare.

Not bother to look around since his apartment wasn't that big and the only place that she could be was empty, that being the bathroom which door was wide open. As Naruto woke up, he went to the refrigerator and grabbed some milk for breakfast. After seating near the table, he came upon a scroll with just three of four lines written.

Upon close inspection, Naruto saw Anko's name signing the scroll and turned to read the message: I had a great time yesterday…Anko' Not being one to express much of her feelings, thought Naruto as he read the note. Thinking about it, Naruto turned to smash his head on the wall, from not knowing it was actually sort of a first date kind of thing and that they ended up making love in the end.

Deciding not to think about it and make a decision to find her sometime today. After doing some morning rituals known to all, Naruto left his house and headed for a training ground nearby.

First of all, he wanted to improve what seemed to be his inner ground chakra sensor by trying to understanding a bit more about earth manipulation. Closing his eyes, he focused doton chakra through his body so as to get a feeling of the ground beneath him.

So far, he was only able to focus on inner ground perception up to a certain amount of time before losing control and sort of cutting the mental link. Naruto needed a technique that could grant him access below the ground, this way he could get a close grip on inner ground chakra sensor better. Seeing that he wouldn't do any good just being there, Naruto decided to do some research at the library to see if such technique existed. Not wanting to take all of them, since they were quite a few with surprisingly were authored by the damn perverted of a sannin who by the way has a doton affinity, much to Naruto's dismay since the jackass could at least tried to teach him elemental ninjutsu.

Putting the past in the past, Naruto turned to look through the doton scrolls. After about half of them were done, Naruto was fuming with rage. He couldn't find such technique and wondered if such technique is due to be invented or was on the other scrolls. Two or three scrolls later, Naruto seemed to hit the jackpot. Underground Fish Projection Jutsu and turned to read the description. It turned out was a C ranked ninjutsu in which the shinobi could fuse his body below the ground or inside a tree or rather inside a wall.

Naruto grinned, knowing that such technique if learned correctly, could lead to a better understanding of the ground and that his senses would be improved greatly. Selecting such scroll, Naruto went to the librarian so he could borrow in order to practice the technique. Already with scroll in tow, Naruto left the library and went straight to the training ground, so he could take a look at the scroll and see how such technique worked. Naruto appeared on the same training ground there he was before, but now sitting down and started reading it.

He already read the scroll twice in a way to learn how is such procedure. The scroll didn't reveal much, it said only to focus doton chakra and get the part of the body that you wanted to mix with the ground, wall or tree. Since doton wasn't one of Naruto's chakra affinities, he was having trouble trying to perform. Right now, Naruto was in trance about doing the damn technique that he failed to sense Yamato looking on him from a tree nearby.

With Yamato, he has been thinking about their last encounter as he was sure it didn't end well, but now that he saw what Naruto could do in such little time, he began to wonder if what everyone was telling the truth about him being underestimated by the boy is so called teachers and the fact that neither of them taught him much. Sighing where he was, he realized that he was being too harsh on the boy. Being a perfectionist in battle, Yamato made it to Anbu with professional skills, but he was an Anbu and here he was judging a genin now chunnin's abilities compared to his own.

Somehow, Yamato expected for Naruto to be Anbu level because of his high chakra level and the ability to learn high level ninjutsu and never ending stamina. By seeing Naruto, Yamato could very well see one thing, Naruto was having difficulties at whichever doton ninjutsu he was trying to learn. Being a mokuton user that happens to be a mix between suiton and doton, Yamato could very well be a good help for Naruto to learn.

But, deep inside he was thinking if Naruto would accept the man's apologies, Yamato didn't know if Naruto would still be hostile towards him or not. Sighing, since he didn't want to think much on the manner, just went close to Naruto, who by the way managed to take a look at the Anbu, knowing that it was Yamato since he could feel Yamato's chakra. I…I came here to apologize to you from my judgment. I'm sorry for expecting too much of you and ended up criticizing you more than anything.

I know for a fact that you were able to become much stronger these days, since you managed to earn the position of chunnin". Naruto was feeling better about what happened some time ago, but when their last encounter came to his mind, such thoughts ruined it all.

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I actually got to thank you for doing what you did. Without you, I would still be that obnoxious kid who couldn't do anything without depending on someone else". After some explaining about Naruto's jutsu, Yamato entered his thinking mode and started going through ways of helping the kyuubi vessel. While he didn't know what to do, he thought about revise what was Naruto expected to do and see if he was doing something wrong about performing the jutsu.

When Naruto tried the last time, Yamato was able to see that Naruto's chakra upon his hand was touching the ground, seemed to just stop channeling, but he believed it was a subconscious level. Just try to focus chakra all the way down and then we go from there". When Naruto's hand touched the ground this time, Naruto was surprised to see his hand apparently sinking into the ground, showing that he at least managed to get the basics of the technique.

Yamato looked at it with interest, he somehow knew that this was Naruto's first attempts at the technique and he got it this far it was nothing short of amazing. Yamato was comparing Naruto to some Anbu comrades and the time it took for them to learn a C ranked ninjutsu that wasn't linked to their element and he had to admit that very few ninjas could do that and those who could, it took them at least two days where Naruto managed to learn it in just one.

After some more tries, Naruto managed to sink his entire body below the ground and appeared again on the surface, while smiling towards Yamato, making Yamato look at him with surprise. He knew that Naruto was pissed at him for what he did to him, but he figured that he was still furious after all. To see that Naruto was smiling, Yamato sighed thinking that Naruto was kind of addicted to learning new techniques and Yamato considered Naruto wanted to be a ninjutsu specialist in the future.

Now I must head back to headquarters. Obviously, as the series went on it was revealed the 8-tailed beast was actually inside of Killer B of the Hidden Cloud Village. As the series progressed, the reader saw that there was nothing affecting or controlling Orochimaru, he was the way he was, because he chose to be.

Orochimaru, for a man who loved to create techniques, did way more destroying in his life. His very existence sowed seeds of chaos and distrust between nations, and even close friends.

anko and orochimaru relationship counseling

The series focuses on children, essentially training to join the military, and going on missions. Every village was guilty of this, as it seemed like a normal tradition. The important distinction here, however, is what these kids were supposed to be doing.

Genin was supposed to take D-Rank missions, which included as we saw, getting a lost cat back to an old lady. Early stages of ninjahood seemed to be a nurturing, team building environment, more akin to the boy scouts than the navy seals. From Zaku, Dosu, and Kin, all the way to the sound four, it seems in the Hidden Sound there is no easy mode. He viewed human life as assets to be gained and lost.

For example, he rescued Kimmimaro as a child and gave him a purpose to live. Kimmimaro was so devoted to Orochimaru, he was gladly ready to give up his body to him. His sickness kept him from being a viable host, so instead, he attempted to serve his master by felicitating the delivery of his replacement.

The earliest example of his savagery came when he used Zaku and Kin as hosts for resurrecting the First and Second Hokage. They were just kids, and the horrid look on their corpses makes it even more chilling. When he spoke of Itachi, and wanting his eyes, it all seemed very professional.

With Sasuke however, there seemed to be a strange attraction to him. Orochimaru became obsessed with Sasuke, who was just a kid when they met. The entire thing gave off creepy, nauseating vibes. Naruto makes a comment about it, which is met with an eerie silence from Orochimaru.

Minato, who was Jiraya's of all people pupil. This must have disgusted Orochimaru beyond belief. And No, I am not excusing or even defending the terrible things he does throughout the series. But, what I think is truly disturbing about Orochimaru, is his desires are not all that uncommon from everyday people like you and me.

What does Orochimaru want? He wants to live forever, he wants to be immortalized, he wants power, and he wants to know everything. It was unknown how skilled the woman was, but it was clearly beyond that of Genin level, and even at the level she was displaying now Sasuke, being the most skilled officially among his teammates had launched himself into fighting this foe by himself, as his pride as an Uchiha demanded he do no less, and was able to hold his own thanks to his Sharingan Eyes.

Sakura could only watch from the sidelines, as her crush was pushing himself, and Sai was using his specialty with ink to create projectiles that would attack when the Uchiha could not. You are indeed the Prodigy that the Leaf makes you out to be," said the Grass Shinobi, as she fended off the Uchiha's Taijutsu, and repelled the boy back easily enough.

Not Far Off "I sense a spike in power in this direction. Much larger then a Genin's level should be and even more then that of a Chuunin," said Naruto, as he had sensed the Mana level of his foe being much higher then the other Genin in this Forest of Death, and from the look on Anko's face it seemed she knew this foe. After all this time that traitor has come back to the Leaf. I'm going to tear him to pieces and making him beg for mercy for a change," said Anko, as she rushed towards the area where Orochimaru was, and Naruto raised an eyebrow before following the now angry woman to fight this ghost from her past.

Back with Team 7 Sasuke found himself slammed against a tree before collapsing to his knees in pain and the Grass Shinobi now having revealed himself as Orochimaru was laughing at the boy while the other two Genin of Team 7 were knocked out. The Sannin did not care for the other two, as one girl was weak beyond belief, and the pale skinned boy Sai while much stronger then the girl had something off about him. This told Orochimaru that Sai had already become the servant of a Master of someone else already, which was most likely Danzo since only that man in the Leaf that could do that, and there was no reason to usurp his hidden partner.

Indeed you will be perfect for this gift I have for you to use should it not kill your precious body," said Orochimaru, as he made hand signs before stretching out his neck, and prepared to bite the boy's neck.

He was interrupted by a flash of something that caught the Sannin's eye to his right that made him stop just in time to avoid a long blade from hitting his skull and pierced a tree trunk not that far away. Orochimaru looked at where the blade was, then in the direction it was thrown before seeing a face he had not seen in some time, and was looking quite joyful since it had been a long time since he had seen Anko. Only for the man to turn into dirt.

anko and orochimaru relationship counseling

Now you know one of the reasons why I considered you a failure before I end your life. Goodbye my old student. Out of all the experiments I had, you will be missed the most, and always be my favorite," said Orochimaru, as he had picked up the kunai Anko had dropped, and prepared to stab the woman right through the skull to end her life like she tried to end his own.

The blade was inches from her face when an foot hit Orochimaru right in the face and sent the Sannin flying through two trees before stopping at the third with a heavy imprint of his form forever forged into its trunk. When Anko looked up at her savior, she saw Naruto land gracefully after hitting Orochimaru with a spin kick, and looked back at her with data gathering eyes. Nothing my chiropractor can't fix," said Anko, as she cracked her back, and looked at where Team 7 was knocked out though they looked to wake up soon.

An apprentice of your own Anko-chan? Or perhaps a toy to amuse yourself with? Either way, the kick he gave me was very impressive, and its only fitting I test his skills to see how strong he is," said Orochimaru, as he had blood running from his nose after it had been broken by the kick, and snapped back into place. Anko snarled at him, as she had no one to teach her skills to many because the Councils felt she was damaged goods because of her past relationship with the Sannin in the first place, and had basically banned her from taking on any Genin teams until further notice.

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That of course meant never despite the Hokage's claims that she had no further loyalty to the bastard and was loyal to the Leaf like any other Shinobi in it. Let us see if you are as strong as everyone has claimed you are," said Naruto, as his blade that was in the tree appeared in his hands, and took a few steps forward.

Looks like I was mistaken. If this brat thinks he's in my league, then he's about to get a rude wake up call,' thought Orochimaru, as he had a snake come out of his throat with a sword, and prepared for a sword fight with the blonde. A one sided sword fight and not in the Sannin's favor. If there was one skill that Orochimaru possessed outside of the art of complex sealing, it was the art of Kenjutsu, and right now that weak skill was coming back to bite him.

It was clear that despite Naruto's age, the boy was the much better swordsman, and could hold his own against Orochimaru's Kusanagi without breaking a sweat. Whoever taught this gaki, it was not Anko,' thought Orochimaru, as he blocked the blow, but the lightning traveled through his sword, and into his body.

Leaping back, Orochimaru unleashed a large swarm of snakes from his sleeve that were much greater then Anko's move, and wrapped them around the blonde in order to disable him long enough to get in close for the kill. However, the plan only worked halfway, as the snakes wrapped around Naruto, but were instantly frozen over at the whispery voice of the boy saying "freeze" with the ice traveling towards the Sannin's arm, and the man had to break his connection with his snakes before he too was frozen.

The explosion of the fireballs blew the gates the Sannin had summoned to pieces and gave Orochimaru the chance to seek higher ground while Naruto waited for the explosion to pass.

Anko herself was pressed against a tree trunk, as she tried not to be blow away, and Team 7 was doing the same with barely any success. However, Orochimaru was not interested in anyone right now, but Naruto due to the boy's power, and the Sannin was quite surprised that there was a potential vessel out there greater then that of an Uchiha.

Maybe too powerful, but that could be changed by simply putting things in his favor, and a certain Curse Seal he had designed to make others be forced into submission was the key to it all. You have power beyond that of even my wildest dreams and to honor you with that fact, I will give you a gift fitting for one who will one day be my new vessel.

The snake Sannin was clutching his mouth like he had been burned, screaming out curses at this strange phenomenon that had occurred when he tried to use his Curse Seal on the boy, and looked down at Naruto currently looking up at him with a frown.

In his mind, Orochimaru didn't understand how his Curse Seal had failed him when every other time it had been used was 10 percent successful upon being applied, and made the user submit to his will. Now it was hurting him! Whatever power that Curse Seal had was destroyed instantly from the Mako in your blood," said Kyuubi, as he checked his vessel thoroughly, and had found nothing wrong with Naruto.

Now I can remove this stain from the Leaf,' thought Naruto, as he flew up to the tree branch where Orochimaru was howling in pain, and brought his sword up ready to end the Sannin's life. And that was when things went bad From the moment pain ran through his body, Naruto ignored it, but suspected that it was a result of the Curse Seal, and decided to have Kyuubi deal with it after this.

However, the pain spiked with such unexpected strength that it frozen him in mid-swing, and his body soon felt like someone had set it on fire. Naruto felt his sword become too heavy to hold, as it fell from his grip before he fell to his knees, and began to spasm violently like he was being struck by some invisible force. He felt blood leaving his eye sockets, down his ears, and down his nose while the rest of Naruto's body felt like he had done a swan dive right into a pit of molten lava.

From a distance, Anko watched in horror, as the sight before her that made her almost want to puke, and wondered what her bastard of a former sensei did to Naruto. She was impressed by the blonde's pain resistance to the Curse Seal when she saw Orochimaru bite him, but even more so that the Curse Seal had failed to even take hold, and wondered how that was possible for the kid to do that?!

And then, she sees Naruto have some kind of seizure or spasm just as he was about to end Orochimaru's life, and now the boy was now feeling what Anko could only imagine was pain worse then death. Within seconds of slumping to the ground, Anko moved to reach him, but stopped when she felt a power unlike anything she had ever felt before pulsing from Naruto. It wasn't a kind type of power, but it wasn't cruel either, as it rose around Naruto, and doing almost what looked like some strange dance.

For a moment, Anko could only stare at this power, as it continued to rise several more feet off the ground taking Naruto with it, and soon the energy seemed to consume the boy's body before the shadow of his figure could be seen within it.

Anko got the answer to her question when she saw large ball of energy expand in a way bubble did right before it bursts and burst it did before covering the entire forest along with all its inhabitants in its light.

Anko felt like she had been touched by some kind of power that was an extension of Kami himself, as she felt the energy pass over her, and wondered if this kid was really a demigod. Subaku no Gaara had just killed the Genin team from Rain when the light washed over him and his siblings with its power that made the red haired boy freeze practically in mid-step.

Inside of him, Shukaku the one-tailed raccoon sand spirit was howling with insanity at the power that was unleashed, and telling Gaara to stay away from whatever it was that caused it.

For once, Gaara was in agreement with his demon, and saw his siblings were also heavily sweating from it like he was under the sand that was on his skin.

Team 8 had frozen in their tracks too, as Hinata winced painfully at the power that had hit her, and Shino was actually making heavy breathing noises while shaking all over. Kiba on the ground getting ready to puke while his dog Akamaru whined and curled up into a ball next to it Master after releasing its bladder all over the ground. Team 9 was the same way with Neji, as his eyes were in pain too from the power that hit him, and Tenten felt her body trembling in wonder at what caused that kind of power.

As for Lee, while not able to sense chakra due to his bodies lack of having more then enough to live, did have sharp eyes, and saw the light that had cover them now spreading through the rest of the forest. Team 10 was also breathing heavily too, as Choji had lost his desire to eat, Shikamaru not even going to think the word troublesome for quite a while, and Ino near to the point of hyperventilating at the feeling of the energy that washed through them.

At the same time, as if luck was on their side, a Genin team sent by Mist was above them with two scrolls, but after the light washed over them, the team collapsed from their perch, and hitting tree branches before hitting the ground in front of Team 10 with both scrolls needed to make it to the next stage of the exams.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Team 10 took it, and then they ran like Hell to the central tower. The Sound team, which was supposed to ambush Team 7 after Orochimaru got in his time with them, were looking at each other, and then replayed back everything that had happened in their heads.

They had both scrolls, they were in good shape, and Orochimaru now somehow escaping while in pain. Central Tower-2 Days Later The Sandaime Hokage sighed, as he sat in his chair rubbing his temples while trying to get the headache running through his head out of it, and looked at the report Anko gave him. His most valuable assets to the Leaf had been crippled by some form of resistance Naruto had to the Curse Seal Orochimaru tried to give him with the cure being possibly worse then the disease.

When Anko had come into the tower, she held what looked like a burnt corpse, and screaming out for a Medic Nin to help her save Naruto. In truth, the Sandaime had gone to see the boy himself, and now wished he hadn't seen the sight before him that was Naruto since it made him puke into a bucket seconds later.

The poor boy was the poster child for what happens to sinners when they enter Hell and the only thing missing now was demons with pitchforks poking at the charred body. The power Naruto had unleashed was greater then anything that anyone had felt before in the Forest of Death and only a handful of people knew it was him. From what Anko told him, Naruto had repelled Orochimaru easily, and had somehow caused the Sannin harm when the man had tried to give the boy the Curse Seal.

Kami only knew how Haku would take this since she had been told only moments ago. With Naruto-At the Moment Anko was watching over the kid until he could be cleared by the medics to be moved from the hospital and the woman felt sorrow filled her heart at the moment.