And relationship advice for men

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and relationship advice for men

Relationship advice for Men: Men find it very difficult to decipher what women want in relationships. This article will help men understand the dynamics of. We got real men to answer the eternal question, ",What the eff is he thinking? Check out their awesome relationship advice for women. Never ever commit to any girl until and unless you are sure about her. I have seen guys who are in relationship just for the sake of “being” in one! They dont.

Tune into her emotions as well as her words When you two are deep in discussion, it is important to not only listen to what she is saying, but also to hear the emotions beneath her words. Is she anxious, fatigued, sad, annoyed, frustrated?

and relationship advice for men

Or, on the more positive side, is she happy, joyous, giggly and silly? Of course, but fight in a healthy way Every relationship will have its share of conflict. To show her that you have heard her, repeat back what you have understood.

Learning to resolve conflict without walking away is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire and will be important in preserving the health of your relationship. It is normal for this urge to diminish as your relationship evolves.

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Put down the remote, your cell phone or your tablet when talking together. Look at her when she speaks. Eye contact conveys the message that she is important to you and that you value what she is saying.

and relationship advice for men

When she comes home from getting her hair done, tell her what a knockout she is. This is one of the most important relationship advice for men that you must adhere to. Deciding where to go for dinner seems to take too much effort and making weekend plans is plain out exhausting with the wrong person. You do need to work to keep the relationship vibrant and freshhowever, but with the right person, this is the kind of work that is enjoyable.

Renew renew renew Keep your skills and your relationship growing by trying new things together.

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It could be taking a vacation to an exotic location, or undertaking an out-of-the-ordinary adventure like kayaking or hang-gliding. Relationship experts point to the link of adrenaline rush and increased libido, so think about that when you are preparing for your first surfing lesson together!

Not up for something quite so risky? What about enrolling in an adult education class and learning something brand new together?

A foreign language, or French cooking…anything that changes things up from your ordinary routine, all while boosting your brain power! I have seen some relationship advice from men who are broken that is misguided and completely not helpful.

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They do understand how to play women — really well, so that is the advice that they give out. And, if you want advice on how to manipulate women, they are your best bet for it. It will damage her, you, and your relationship in the long term, and you may lose her before you have a chance to get some actual relationship advice that helps you fix things. But, these men are few and far between. It simply means they have read the books, learned the theory, and can repeat what they know is right.

What Women Want- Important Relationship Advice For Men

In fact, every year he gives my friend the exact same speech about what MS is and what it is doing to his body — as if he is giving a class on MS with pre-written information. Instead, he is very focused on what he has learned and what he thinks people need to do because of the education he has received.

The best kind of relationship advice comes from men or women who have experience in relationships, know what a healthy relationship is like and how to get there, and can adapt their advice to you and your relationship.

and relationship advice for men

I was on Twitter the other day, and a man said that he felt sorry for men who take relationship advice from women. For example, one of my male friends had a sexist friend who happened to be good looking and, despite his crappy attitude towards women, was able to attract women.

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Despite him putting women down, both behind their backs and in front of their face, and despite treating women as if they were not able to comprehend things like a man could, he still got women.