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Aarushi Murder Case Verdict by Allahabad HC on Rajesh and Nupur Talwar's Two days later, the prime suspect, Hemraj Banjade, the Talwars' headlines about the adulterous affair between Aarushi and Hemraj, the wife. The police arrested Dr Rajesh Talwar in connection with the twin murder case. The brutal .. Hemraj could not have had any physical relation with Aarushi. . Rajesh calls his brother and asks him his advice. .. I suspect Hemraj Banjade was a homosexual person who always tried to attract new youths in the locality. Aarushi Talwar murder: Inside story of India's most controversial trial. By Shree ParadkarStaff Reporter. Sat., Jan. 26,

He also suspected her of telling him that she could not respond to him on the cellphone after 9. The Talwars mentioned the death of Aarushi as having occured at 2. Incidentally,this time tallies with the time of activity shown on the computer during that night. Of course, the Talwars deny their working at the Internet at that time and attribute the activity to automatic starting and stopping of the Internet,because of some problem with the machine.

The question that baffles the police therefore is- how was Rajesh Talwar able to know beforehand and state to the priest at Hardwar, where the Talwars had gone for immersion of the ashes,that Aarushi died at 2. It is however possible that he might have guessed it, being a doctor. It is unconvincing, therefore, that they were so fast asleep on the murder night as to be totally oblivious to whatever transpired in their house that night. The time of death mentioned in the FIR lodged at the local Sector police station on May 16, though,was 6.

The time of The same Police Officer was reported killed mysteriously and coincidentally by a truck on the day Nupur Talwar was released on bail from Dasna Jail, on 25th Sep. So, it appears that both the phones were with Rajesh Talwar only till In fact, since that phone has not been found yet, and as there is an unverified report of it being suspected of having gone somewhere in Punjab,but its last activity has been traced to Nithari, which is part of Noida,the phone may be still with Rajesh, in whose name it was purchased and given to Hemraj for use, or with a close relative or friend of his,or may have been destroyed by him!

K ,Sharma, lives in Punjab. It is also admitted by Dr. The CBI therefore thinks that the phones of the victims might have been given to him by Rajesh for, or after deleting the entries in both of them,whereafter R. Sharma sent the phone of Hemraj to Punjab,and discarded the phone of Aarushi in a local park, where the maid servant Kusum found it. Did he have a hand in the murders?

However,there is no proof to suspect his hand in the murder. Another report is that Aarushi was killed first, and then Hemraj. The reason for that view was that the finger and palm prints found in the room of Aarushi were clean and not blood smeared, while the ones on the terrace wall and terrace door had blood on them, suggesting that the hands of the killer were already having blood on them when he murdered Hemraj.

One report had mentioned that these finger and palm prints revealed male DNA. It is not known if these prints been matched with the handprints of the servants, and confirmed to be not tallying with any of them? Whose fingerprints the abovementioned may be is not known, but it is possible that the fingerprints or DNA of Rajesh or Nupur or Dinesh? Talwar may have been in the room before, but have been washed off by their staff on the first day itself.

By the time Rajesh according to the CBI was supposed to have finished the two victims, Nupur too is said to have arrived on the spot and seen as well as learnt everything. At first, she was distraught but then she thought- her daughter had already been lost; what was life worth if she lost her husband as well? The three or four glasses laid out on the table were probably for the adults in the house, viz. Rajesh Talwar, Nupur Talwar, and perhaps Hemraj, or any of the servants, who might have come to meet Hemraj and left before his murder.

Or perhaps the fingerprints were of Hemraj. It should be noted for how long he was there and when he left that house. It is possible but not proved that Umesh had a hand in it. In addition, I still think that though Krishna has not been proved to have any hand in the murder, he does appear to have been involved in it somehow.

Otherwise, why would he confess initially before the first team of CBI, under Narco, of having witnessed the murder of Aarushi and Hemraj being committed by Rajkumar?

Aarushi Talwar murder: Inside story of India’s most controversial trial

The employees of the Talwars and the servant of the neighbour Tandon had said that they could not see across because a bedsheet was draped over the dividing iron grill. Incidentally, this double bedsheet might have been the one in which Hemraj was wrapped and dragged to the terrace. Strangely, even this bedsheet,which was seen at the time the terrace was opened on It is not known who took it.

The Talwars said they did not know where he had kept the keys. That may be the reason for their suspecting his bonafides, and giving statements against him now. It was observed that elimination had been done of 23 of the28 photos 18 out of 23 as per some other reports taken by Aarushi from her CAMERA. The possibility of Rajesh Talwar being the killer is in view of the fact that Aarushi was alive till her mother came to her room at about He must have left the room a few minutes later after putting off the Internet, though not the Router thereofsay at Aarushi was never seen alive by any outsider, or by Nupur after she left the room at The time of her death, as per the Post Mortem report, is given as between The really pertinent questions therefore, now arise -Was Aarushi alive at the time when Rajesh left her room after that midnight?

Can he prove it, in view of the fact that while she had spoken to Anmol from the landline at Aarushi did not receive and acknowledge his SMS of The Talwars say Aarushi herself may not have wanted to attend to the phone at midnight or to the SMS at According to some sources, Rajesh, was just making a show of having had heavy drinks and sleeping tablets that night, but may have induced Nupur to get drunk heavily or drugged her, so that it is possible she really did not hear the landline phone at midnight,after going to sleep at Hence, Rajesh Talwar was the only one awake at that time.

Rajesh claims that the murders were committed by Rajkumar, whom Nupur also suspects of having been after Aarushi, under the instigation and help of Krishna and Vijay Mandal aka Shambhu? The Durranis however say that the CBI have misinterpreted their statement.

They claim that Rajkumar was free from his work since before midnight, and could leave the house then, as his room was near his bathroom, which opened outside. There is no mention of her returning to that room, at least till Rajesh finished working at the computer and retired to his bedroom to sleep, or soon thereafter.

Therefore, there is no prima facie reason to suspect her of participation in the murder itself. However, it is possible that Nupur took part in destroying the evidence that was likely to be construed as proof of Aarushi having been engaged in consensual or forced sex at the time of her murder, by cleaning the body and bed of Aarushi, and getting her vaginal swabs exchanged with another woman through her friend Dr.

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Richa, Pathologist at the Govt. Hospital, and wife of Dr. Whether he or anybody had sex with Aarushi before her murder, is however not certain on account of the washing and cleaning of her private parts before the arrival of the police. However, the CBI may be able to press their view on the basis of the following related facts given by their own associates to the CBI,viz: Nupur had gone to work at4.

An old boyfriend, Sankalp aka Sanky had phoned to her that afternoon at 4. It is not known whether he was the owner of the Mob. That was the last time he saw the two alive. The dinner was a light vegetarian meal comprising rice, lentils dalOkra Bhindi vegetable and rotis. The stomach contents of Aarushi revealed semidigested food, so it can be estimated that her murder may have been committed anytime before 1.

It is reported that Rajesh spoke about Aarushi having eaten Kababs between So she must have been murdered only after Throughout the period from It is also stated in some reports that Nupur too had made many calls to some lady doctor in the preceding week, and 21 calls on the day of the murder.

It is not clear whether this has any bearing on the beating that Aarushi had got on the murder night, or on the double murder itself,otherwise the suspicion arises whether Aarushi had conceived through her boyfriend Anmol Agarwal, and was beaten for telling him the fact over the landline phone at It is felt that the murder,at least of Aarushi, could not have occurred before Rajesh is said to have got a call from Dubai about a party; 5 Rajesh sent another email to US, and got a phone call from there.

So he seems to have been busy at the computer till nearly 12 o Clock that night. One song which they remembered afterwards under Narcoanalysis was played between Journalist,who ran the Nepali Channel on which songs were played on the murder night,to give him a list of the songs that were played on that channel that night from The murders give the impression of being committed by the same person in view of the similar nature of their injuries,and bloodstains of both Aarushi and Hemraj on his Ballantine Scotch Whisky bottle on their dining table.

The footprints of a different size on the terrace on the other hand, however, could be of anyone, as many people walked over the terrace without any check on the day it was opened. The Unidentified fingerprints may have been of someone who touched the bottle in the morning inadvertently. As for the MOTIVE of the murder of Aarushi, it appears to be related to her intimacy and sharing all family secrets with Hemraj and Anmol too,judging from the sudden restriction placed on her frequent chats with him on her cellphone, by making her keep her mobile switched off from9.

Hemraj was killed for gossiping about the family,as he had feared. Anmol told Aarushi that he wanted to take her out to a restaurant to discuss her Birthday plans.

Rajesh then saw what she had photographed on her camera, and started deleting the private photographs that she had taken on It. Otherwise, Aarushi had just got the camera at The CBI has been however withholding the information about the exact nature of they images and the crucial details for confidential reasons.

That information probably holds the answer to why the CBI insists on holding the Talwars resposible for the murders. This last point is not of much significance according to me, as Aarushi herself might have changed the place of the toy, and left it there when she retired to sleep.

Durrani, but for carrying photographs dangerous for her parents in some way,and insisting on showing the same to her boyfriend and confidant Anmol,who, she did not understand, was an outsider for her parents, all said and done! About the possibility of the servants having murdered Aarushi and Hemraj, it could only have happened between Vijay Mandal appears to have been only an accomplice to the other two. Under Narco, Krishna may have named Rajesh as the killer, but The Scientist conducting the test may have confused him by asking him a leading question,viz.

That is what the second team of CBI believes to have happened,and may be that is a fact! How probable is it that they could possibly own videos on a girl they had never met? Our readers are responsible and intelligent people. They will shoot down any fraudulent claims on videos! The fact that he was under the watch of the Delhi Police for his said telephonic contact with Maoists in Nepal indicates that despite his simple sand benevolent look, Hemraj may actually have been a notorious character engaged in nefarious activities,I.

It has come out that a day after the murders, Rajesh Talwar had received a phone call from a man who later turned out to be a UP criminal,who was also under the radar of the Delhi cops,who were scanning his Mobile phone records. It is not known what he said to Rajesh, and whether the man or his call had anything to do with the murders, for the day after the murder was the day on which the hidden body of Hemraj was found out by opening the terrace.

The CBI deny the receipt of the call by Rajesh, when really speaking, they should have investigated this, as the search could have yielded information about a nexus between Maoists in Nepal and UP criminals, with which Hemraj might have been somehow connected!

Still, my impression is that Hemraj does not seem to be the one who had sex with Aarushi on the murder night, or murdered her himself, for there was no time or scope for it that night after 7.

Also his body was found with footwear on.

The untold story

Nupur had returned home from work at 7. Then the Talwars had dinner from 9. Aarushi was killed between Where was the time or chance for sex? Therefore, being caught in a compromising or objectionable position,viz.

Moreover, the body of Hemraj is said to have been found with his footwear on one foot,which is hardly something that one would expect to find on the body of a person caught at the start or in the midst of sexual activity! Also, he died without starting to eat the meal that he had served for himself at For it has come out later that the CBI found some evidence that Dr. Probably, Krishna Compounder had got to know about the plan in advance,because of which, he had called on the Landline No of CBI office at Someone,whose identity has not become known, but believed to be Krishna, had also phoned Hemraj from a nearby PCO at 8.

It is not clear though, why he would kill Hemraj, except out of jealousy over his emotional intimacy with Aarushi. Rajkumar said he finished his work only at They say his work was over before midnight, and that he was free to go anywhere he wanted thereafter, as the bathroom that he used opened outside. Durrani, so that he could not have come to the house early enough to execute the double murder within the estimated time of am.

Rajesh was having an affair with another dentist. The two used to discuss this and had become close. Rajesh could not tolerate this even though his character was not good.

Indian media, which combines British tabloid sensibility with U. Both her parents have been charged with murder and conspiracy. Her father is also charged with destruction of evidence. They are free on bail, facing trial. For a long time, I could not comprehend what was happening.

But after my cousin was jailed last spring, I knew I had to go to Delhi. I had grown up in India and had worked there as a journalist before moving to Canada. This is not a story of grief or loss, although a child was murdered. It is not a story of helplessness, although it pits one family against their country. It is a story of two people on trial for murder with a questionable motive, no proven murder weapon and evidence that even investigators admit has holes.

Two people who lost their daughter, lost their happiness and lost their naive illusions about their homeland. This is a story of betrayal. May 15 was the second-last day of classes at Delhi Public School before it closed for the summer.

Aarushi and her friends were discussing her birthday sleepover that weekend, prank calls and boys. She was in the middle of a break-up with a boyfriend of one month, a boy she had met for lunch and movies.

Her parents knew about him and some of her friends envied the family openness. She was a huge fan of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. He took a phone call at 8 on his cell phone. Dinner was at 9: Afterward, Aarushi went to her room. Her parents followed with an early birthday surprise: Click, click, click, the last one taken at It was typically hot for May, around 45C. Air conditioners were on in both bedrooms. A police report would later note Rajesh sent an email to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry at The doorbell woke Nupur and Rajesh at about 6 a.

Hemraj usually let in the maid but a groggy Nupur had to answer the front door. Nupur tried his cell phone. No one answered and the ringing stopped abruptly. When she called again, the phone had been switched off. Rajesh came into the living room. He was surprised to see a near-empty whisky bottle on the dining table.

Surprise turned to alarm. They rushed into her bedroom. There she lay in her blue pyjamas, covered by a sheet, the schoolbag on her face.

Reconstruction: Talwar Couple after Murdering Daughter Aarushi

Underneath, her head turned to one side, a necklace of blood. Those first few days are a blur for Rajesh and Nupur. They die a little every day. The media gathered by 8, drawn to a story about murder in an affluent neighbourhood. Hemraj, still missing, was the prime suspect. Police did not cordon off the crime scene. A neighbour testified later that he had pointed out the blood to a policeman, who mused about the door being an escape route.

The key could not be found and police did not break open the door. A post-mortem was conducted by noon. The doctor said there was no sign of it, but that the vaginal discharge would be tested. The body was brought home and laid on ice slabs in the living room.

A large piece of the mattress had been cut out and sent to a forensics lab along with the pillow, bedsheet and clothes. When cleaners took the mattress to the terrace, it dripped blood on the stairs. Family elders pushed for cremation, saying it would give the parents closure.

Dinesh reconfirmed that police did not need the body for further examination. Aarushi was cremated around 5 p. The wood pyre burned through the night.

The ashes would be collected the next day in a hand-stitched cloth bag and immersed in the holy Ganges River. My aunt and my uncle had, through travel, broadened their outlook and embraced cosmopolitan values. Nupur was my cool cousin who spent the first few years of her life in England, where her father, an Indian Air Force officer, was posted at the High Commission in London. I call her Nupur didi — a respectful address for an older sister.

Nupur was shy but academically brilliant. In the mids, when she brought home fellow dental school student Rajesh Talwar, a Punjabi, there was no hue and cry at home. As with cross-racial partnerships in Canada, marrying outside the community is still rare in India.

But Nupur had not been exposed to orthodoxy. She had never been expected to serve elders and men in the family before feeding herself. Rajesh and Nupur were married in Nupur moved from Delhi to suburban Noida so her parents could help with the baby.

While Nupur was busy building her career, her mother fed Aarushi, soothed her, played with her, taught her. And when Aarushi was older, she stayed with her grandparents after school, until her parents were done with their patients. Aarushi was a picky eater, my aunt, a fabulous cook. My aunt is a gentle soul, given to putting family ahead of herself, fretting and feeding everyone. When she talks, it is with a smile playing about her lips. That smile is all but gone. Among them was retired police officer K.

He had a slit mark on his throat and many injury marks on his body. His body was severely decomposed. A chunk of the wall was removed and sent to a forensics lab. Police photographed a bloody shoe print on the terrace. It also noted abrasions to his elbows. Every development, every twist, was covered by the media. National talk shows dissected the case.

Police were usually anonymously quoted. TV networks hired private investigators. The media hammered away with questions. How could the parents have slept through the murders? Why did they rush to cremate Aarushi? Why did they clean the crime scene so quickly? The house was rich with evidence. But police missed the dead body on the roof.

The untold story - The Big Story News - Issue Date: Jan 24,

They were unable to identify fingerprints on the whisky bottle, which had been found with the blood of Aarushi and Hemraj. But the tone of investigation changed. Did it involve adults? Why would she not want you there?

After he accused Rajesh of an extra-marital affair, Gurdarshan Singh said that Rajesh had gone out at around 9: No evidence was presented. The character assassination of Aarushi sparked outrage. Her schoolmates rallied at a candlelit protest in Delhi. Says her classmate Rajeshwari: She had a beautiful relationship with her parents.

She had lots of friends. She had no reason to look for affection elsewhere. The child is not even there to defend herself. A month later, the inspector-general was transferred. Two months after that, he was transferred back. Three years later, he was promoted to additional director-general.

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She remembers sitting at a studio but not much else. She spoke coherently and was devoid of emotion. To viewers, her stony face was damning evidence of guilt. Aarushi had been dead 10 days and Rajesh arrested for three when Nupur broke out of her emotional paralysis. Our cousin Smita, a meditation trainer at a spiritual group called the Art of Livinghelped unlock her feelings.

It was a tremendous outpouring of pain and grief and lasted 45 minutes before it subsided into normal tears. I just let her be. Chitnis, 80, is a decorated war veteran of the Indian Air Force. When Nupur was born, my uncle was away fighting the India-Pakistan War of He recalls rolling into Punjab on the way to Pakistan and the soldiers being hailed as heroes, being plied with rotis and other food.

We had hopes of a country that would be united and strong. Today, my uncle is a shell of his former self, his strong voice the only clue to his once-arresting persona. He and my aunt attend every court proceeding. He draws strength from his near-death experiences in war. That gives courage to a person, ultimately. I wish I was not born in this country. For months, media feasted on leaks from unnamed police sources.

As the whispers grew louder, the well-to-do professionals morphed into extravagantly wealthy deviants who, if allowed, would buy their way out of murder. The murderer, of course, was the father. That Aarushi and Hemraj had been in her bedroom that night. There was no evidence of a relationship. There had never been a rumour in the neighbourhood. Who planted the idea? A man in his early 20s. Its initial mandate to investigate federal government corruption expanded to include murders, kidnappings and terrorism.

A special crimes division was set up in Today it is the national investigative agency. Kumar was no stranger to high-profile cases. Inhe had been involved in a shootout in Calcutta that ended with four gangsters killed. So Kumar turned to polygraph lie-detector and brain-mapping tests and narco-analysis — administering the so-called truth serum. These tests analyze people in three states — conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious.

Two years later, the Supreme Court of India would rule them unconstitutional but it would let investigators use these tests for leads. Rajesh and Nupur took two lie-detector and one brain-mapping tests. None showed evidence of deception. Nothing could be heard in their bedroom. The CBI found no evidence that Hemraj had been killed in the house. The agency turned its attention to Krishna. He was the only one who had told state police Rajesh was having an extra-marital affair and that Hemraj and Aarushi were somehow involved.

As well, after Nupur tried calling Hemraj on the morning after the murder, tracking technology showed the phone had been in the cluster of flats where the Talwars lived. Krishna lived there, too.

The CBI gave Krishna polygraph and brain-mapping tests. Investigators searched his house and took a pillow cover, a blood-stained kukri and trousers.